Washington State Patrol Clocks Impaired Corvette Driver at 192 MPH


Washington State Patrol Clocks Impaired Corvette Driver at 192 MPH

Photo Credit: Washington State Police

As the number of vehicles on America’s roads has decreased due to the coronavirus lockdown, the number of speeding tickets for 100 mph+ drivers is said to be increasing. We’ve charted a few super-speeders on these pages over the years, but nothing like this from a 31-year-old Corvette driver in Washington state.

It was actually a good thing that less people were on the roads Sunday morning in the town of Snohomish. That’s when Trooper Willard of the Washington State Patrol clocked the speeding Corvette driver at 192 MPH on US2 near State Road 9. The driver was apprehended and was booked on DUI and Reckless Driving charges.

The name of the driver, and perhaps, more importantly, the year and model of the Corvette, have yet to be identified.

Trooper Axtman gave more details to The Drive, and says the driver told the arresting trooper that he “on his way to breakfast” when apprehended on Sunday morning. We also learned his corvette was a 2008.

And though Trooper Axtman didn’t mention the model, most likely it was the 505-hp Z06 which was rated for a top speed of 198 mph.

Standard disclaimer: Drinking and driving is always wrong.


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  1. Oooops That’s what it’s built for, look at the Dodge commercials of late. Ya Grand kids and pretty much everyone you know. Not the brightest move but kinda cool.

  2. Not a good image for vette owners, yes we all tend to open them up every now and then….we’ve had C-8 #422 to 122, on a vacant straight stretch in north central Arkansas with no others in sight. The car had plenty of upside… at 64 years old I was more than happy. The last time I was on that stretch in my 348 TS challenge Ferrari, 144 was where a thought occurred… a tire failure and I’d never get to tell about it. enjoy but don’t be stupid!

  3. Sorry, but 192 is a little bit much. Obviously got him on radar, I would question when was the last time the gun was FACTORY calibrated, not the mickey mouse tuning fork check.

  4. My buddy knows the driver and the car. Told me it has twin turbos. There was a passenger too who owns a local speed shop and tuned the car. He also tuned my car several years ago.

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