[VIDEO] The Quickest Stock 2020 Corvette on YouTube Goes 0-60 MPH in 2.67 Seconds


[VIDEO] The Quickest Stock 2020 Corvette on YouTube Goes 0-60 MPH in 2.67 Seconds

And he does it more than once!

As some Youtubers have been sharing their fastest 0-60 mph sprint times with Speed Phenom and the Chevy Dude both besting the official 2.9 second rating with launches timed at 2.7 seconds, we heard of another, faster owner out there that had launched in 2.6 seconds. So we went hunting and found these three PDR videos from “Edward”, a new 2020 Corvette owner who shared them on his personal YouTube account.

The streets that Edward did the sprints on is a typical two-lane road that cuts through farm country and wide-open fields in Pennsylvania. The road itself is relatively flat and he has a great view of what lies ahead. Unfortunately, there is no sound with the video, but we can see by the throttle indicator and the RPMs that he has engaged launch control. Once he lets off the brake, the car hooks up nearly immediately and sprints to 60 mph in 2.67 seconds and he lets off at 95 mph in 4th gear. His second run is equally fast with the PDR showing 2.67 seconds as well:

A week later Edward shared this third video where he makes two 0-100 mph runs and a quarter mile sprint. We also learn a bit more about his Corvette as well as the current weather conditions which he says was 72 degrees and overcast judging by the PDR. Here is Edward’s description as well as some additional comments he made:

Here are two runs I made 0 to 100 and 1/4 mile. My car is a stock C8 Corvette with the Z51 package. No mods, stock tires, psi 35 cold 38 when doing the performance runs. Enjoy!!

The tire pressures were at 35 cold, 38 when I did the runs. I was in “Sport Mode” TC off and “Competitive Driving Mode” Activated. I used the Launch Control feature on both of these runs…consistently under 3 seconds 0 to 60. My best 0 to 60 time has been 2.67 seconds.

Edward was asked about adhering to the 500-mile break-in period and he replies with the following:

“Yes, I sure did. I drove it about 100 miles a day for the first five days I had it on back roads until I hit 500 miles. I also has the oil changed at 500 miles although the C8 doesn’t require it like the C7 did. Once the car has 500 miles the RPM range automatically opens up from 4500 RPM redline to 7000 RPM redline, it also adds more low-end torque but I didn’t notice a big change. The “Launch Control” feature isn’t available until you have 500 miles on the car as well.

In his first run, Edward does 2.7 seconds 0-60 mph and 7.20 seconds 0-100 mph. His quarter-mile time of 11.20 is equal to the official performance numbers from Chevrolet. His second launch was 2.94 seconds and then he rips to 0-100 mph n 7.19 and crosses the quarter-mile in 11.19, beating Chevy’s official time. Mission Accomplished!!

These are some fantastic performance specs for the new Corvette and it’s great seeing an average Joe being able to go out to a deserted road and make these kinds of numbers. Let’s give it up for Edward and his new 2020 Corvette Z51 Coupe!

Edward / YouTube

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  1. OK. So to use laundh control: Do you hold both paddles back, stomp on the gas then release the brake? How many rpm before you release the brake. With a dual clutch transmission is this like ‘riding the clutch’? Is that recommended oe does that put excessive wear on the clutch(s)? So many questions.

  2. The PDR is such a neat device. No trying to use a stop watch, or watching the speedometer, to see when it hits exactly 60 MPH. Of course being able to record 1/4 times is an extra benefit…

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    Specifically, these kinds of reports keep the fires for the C8 burning red hot and if production could ramp up a bit, “white hot!”

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