Hagerty Outlines the Entire Future of the C8 Model Lineup from Leaked Documents


Hagerty Outlines the Entire Future of the C8 Model Lineup from Leaked Documents

In a document that was “dropped in Hagerty Media’s editorial laps,” General Motors’ executive director in charge of program management, Michelle Braun issued a blanket order to suppliers that effectively pauses all future car and truck development in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This document is of particular interest around here as it tips off what GM has up their collective sleeve regarding the future of the mid-engine Corvette program.

Using these hints, other leaks, and some of their own speculations, Hagerty was able to surmise upcoming Corvette engines along with their estimated power and torque outputs, the most likely landing place for each engine, and the model year that GM had planned to put each one onto the road before the shutdown occurred. Here is what they came up with:

Hagerty Outlines the Entire Future of the C8 Model Lineup from Leaked Documents

This list pretty closely resembles some previous leaks and speculation that has been seen on this site and from other publications. Of the many things that really stand out is the General’s apparent plan to hit the market with a new Corvette variant every year for the next five years. The C8’s sophomore campaign was supposed to mark the first time that right-hand-drive Corvettes hit international markets. We are hopeful for our friends overseas that production will resume in time for them to still get their hands on the greatest export in American history, it will do wonderful things for foreign relations!

2022 is when things get extremely interesting. That is the model year that GM plans on unleashing the Z06 upon the world. The dream engine that your author has optimistically posed about many times seems like it might actually come to fruition. It is the C8.R-based dual-overhead-cam 5.5-liter flat-plane-crank V8 that will shriek like a pre-turbo Ferrari and spin well past 8,000 rpm. This fantasy motor now has a name, LT6 and once it hits the showroom with an estimated 650 naturally aspirated horsepower and a speculated starting price around $85,000, the supercar world will never be the same.

Hagerty Outlines the Entire Future of the C8 Model Lineup from Leaked Documents

Just one year after the revelatory Z06 is introduced, the General plans on keeping their foot to the floor with a 600 HP Grand Sport that should follow tradition and incorporate the Z’s looks with the Stingray’s engine. This time around though, there is a surprise in store to the tune of a 105 HP electric boost (the first for a Corvette) that will further distinguish the GS from the base car.

If the previous two cars are going to send a shock into the market, what’s next is going to kick the exotics to the ground, steal their lunch money, and leave with their girlfriend. The King of the Hill returns for the third straight generation (what a time to be alive!), this time with twin-turbos bolted to the Z06’s 5.5L V8 to make an all-new LT7 with 850 ponies.

Finally, in 2025, we can expect all of the “ZORA” speculation to manifest itself in a Hybrid version of the ZR1’s twin-turbo engine which will reportedly make Bugatti levels of power… in a factory Corvette!

If all of this is true, the next half of a decade is going to bring historic levels of fun to Corvette Nation!


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  1. Most of Hagerty’s C8 “pre-launch” inside info was pure B. S…. Like big electrical problems and chassis flexing and broken rear windows…all delaying the launch. Just baseless rumor and click-bait.
    However, THIS info looks to have at least some basis of truth to it. I think the time line may be a bit too aggressive especially with these new production delays.

  2. Dude… These were troll figures. 5.5 NA v8 making 600tq? A hybrid 6.2 making 500tq? Lol what? Obviously Alex needs to stop writing about cars because he doesn’t know how engines work. 5.5 NA v8 making 600tq?! Bahaha. A hybrid 6.2 making damn near the same torque as the LT2. Yeah sure. That’s exactly how electric engines work. These were troll figures to see what idiots would float them. The Vette forums are going to love this.

  3. Mr. Doe, the numbers came from Don Sherman. I wouldn’t think he would take the time to do a troll post but true or not, this is a lot more interesting to think and write about than the majority of current C8 “news” (youtuber races car x on the street, some dash stitching is wavy, etc.) while everyone is stuck at home. Thanks for reading, send your friends!

  4. If the C8 cost difference is similar between the C7 GS and Z06, a NA 600 HP C8 Grand Sport sounds just about right to me…😎🇺🇸

  5. Lets just focus on building the sold orders GM has right now. The rest is pie in the sky dreaming.
    I will start a new rumor,,,, the C9 will have at least 2000 horsepower with backup solar panels and small windmills in the front end grills.

  6. To Matt: I also wish for a manual transmission but GM would need to collaborate with 1 or 2 other manufacturer (As in the PAST) to Share a common goal for implementation. Then ask Tremec (or other transmission subcontractor) to developed and build the unit for this cartel.

    Why? Only a large production volume could justify the program COSTS since only 25% of respective clients Buy(ed) Manual Boxes. Which leaves WHO? Pagani, Bugatti, Maclaren, AustinMartin/Jaguar, Lambo/Audi and GM. I sincerely doubt Porsche and Ferrari would agree to the collaboration for Political and Patronage reasons. There are exceptions: i.e. Delphi Magnetic Ride Shocks (GM) are shared with Ferrari…
    …And Yes, a Rev Match Software between the Gear BOX and (each) Engine would be feasible. How? Gears can be express as %ratios to be communicated to Engine RPM% from each manufactures. Good Luck on your Lobbying…

  7. All this hoopla over the C8 and when they will start production again and what it would take for a manual trans option (it’s not going to happen) and all the horse power down the line (that the average driver will never come close to using) HaHaHaHaHa, I’m SOOO glad I bought a C6 with a 6 spd. and FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY SEVEN cubic inches, Zoom Zoom.

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