[ACCIDENT] 2020 Corvette on a Flatbed Already? C’mon Man…


[ACCIDENT] 2020 Corvette on a Flatbed Already? C'mon Man...

Could it be that a customer-owned 2020 Corvette Stingray has already been put into a wall? The trucks just rolled from the assembly plant like three days ago! And yet there it is…

The photo was shared first (I believe) by modern.muscle365 on Instagram with the following caption: “Not normal 🚗 spotting but here go wrecked c8”.

I noticed that the center wheel caps are missing, and as some of the early C8 Corvettes didn’t have them this might point to this being a GM vehicle. The spotter also appears to be based in the Detroit area from other posts. So right now, the title of first customer-owned C8 Corvette to crash is still in dispute. Not that anyone wants to go first.

Regardless, the sight of a damaged 2020 Corvette is just sad, and that wheel gap in the rear looks pretty severe. Anything can be fixed with time and money and if this car does hit the insurance auction, you can bet someone will grab it immediately. But if it is a GM-owned car, off to the crusher!

It’s not the first crash for a 2020 Corvette. Just two weeks after the car was revealed an Elkhart Lake Blue 2020 Corvette prototype was involved in a multicar accident on some twisty roads in California.

modern.muscle365 / Instagram

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  1. Just wait until some idiot in a new GT500 pulls out of a car show, nails the throttle, and sends his car into a crowd of people! Cars are way too powerful nowadays for these foolish drivers to handle! Unfortunately many performance cars will not have a very long life because of bad drivers who make poor decisions.

  2. If anyone is afraid of too much horsepower they should not buy a Corvette, instead they should buy a Prius and try to save the world.

  3. D.V. bad drivers have been causing problems since the horse and buggy days. One horsepower or one thousand horsepower bad drivers will alway find a way to destroy something.

  4. This looks like something scraped past this vehicle. No deformities in the front or rear fenders/bumper covers. Rear mag badly scraped….could this damage been caused by a careless offloading from the transporter? Somebody is gonna get yelled at!

  5. I bought a brand new beautiful 2019 Corvette coupe about 6 months ago. My retirement dream car!! But!! I flagrant noticed as I backed out of my garage, plus when I put it in gear to pull forward, the front end felt like my car was tearing the tires off of the rims in the front!!! Every time!!! I took it to the dealership. They gave me a diagram of what the turn ratio looks like on sharp turns at slow speed. Then they told me it couldn’t be fixed!!!! Told me it was only built to drive in the summers, because it was set up like a race car!!! Pissed doesn’t even describe how I feel!!!! I’ve had several earlier made corvettes from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. All of them drive like a dream. I bought this for a year round everyday driver. Now I’m told it’s hazardous to drive it in cool weather. I sure wasn’t told that before I spent $70,000 on it!!! So here it sits in my garage with only 700 miles on it in my garage!!!!! I found out in December that I’d be flushing a ton of money if I traded it back in for something else. It’s paid for. But I have a big payment on an older truck now so I can get around in the winter.

  6. Mike, all the C7 Vettes under low speed and turning have a tire hop type noise. Doesn’t hurt the car or your tires. If you want to drive a Vette year round, get some all season tires. It’ll help with the noise you hear and also traction. It’s hazardous to drive it in snow and ice, but if you needed to be told that, then you shouldn’t have got one. Especially on summer only tires.

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