[PICS] Even the Batmobile is Going Mid-Engine!


[PICS] Even the Batmobile is Going Mid-Engine!

Photo Credit: Matt Reeves / Twitter

Filming of The Batman is underway and yesterday director Matt Reeves shared the first pictures of a young Caped Crusader’s ride this week on twitter. It seems that the always-trendy Bruce Wayne has followed the lead of another American icon by moving the Batmobile’s V8 amidships.

We are enthusiastic about the style that Robert Pattinson’s Batmobile is bringing to the table. It appears to be the first rendition of Earth’s most famous crime-fighting vehicle that you would actually want to drive.

The Dark Knight has moved on from the cutesy, Lincoln-based boats and impractically long hoods of the cars driven by Adam West, Michael Keaton, and his animated predecessor. In their place sits a lightly-stylized mid-engine muscle car that very well could have been discretely purchased from Dominic Toretto on Craigslist.

[PICS] Even the Batmobile is Going Mid-Engine!

Below, and beautifully lit by, the federally mandated third brake light (good to know that even masked vigilantes care about the line of sight and braking reaction time of their fellow motorists!) is a ‘comically’ large V8 that makes up for its apparent lack of adherence to the traditional 90 V-angle by feeding a fire-breathing turbine; a Batmobile staple since 1966!

Not much else is known about The Batman’s new whip but it features plenty of armor, slats and vents to add to the menacing, blacked-out motif. A custom roll-cage rises out of the ’50s Cadillac-esque rear-fins and in the soft-white illumination of the twin gauges and modest nav-screen we might spy the top of a black cue-ball shifter, indicating that this version of the World’s Greatest Detective puts driver involvement front and center when he is outfoxing the GCPD or Penguin hunting.

We already couldn’t wait to see this thing in action but when Westworld and Casino Royale’s Jeffrey Wright, who plays Commissioner Gordon in The Batman responded to Reeves’ Tweet with, “Wait ’til you hear it,” we got straight-up giddy!

[PICS] Even the Batmobile is Going Mid-Engine!

We worry that this wonderful creation will be destroyed, leading Patt-man to upgrade to a more tank-like vehicle à la Bale and Nolan’s Tumbler but you can bet on one thing, we will be there on June 25, 2021 to find out!

Matt Reeves / Twitter

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