[ACCIDENT] You’ve Seen the Pics of the First C8 Corvette Crash and Now Here is a Video


[ACCIDENT] You've Seen the Pics of the First C8 Corvette Crash and Now Here is a Video

Yesterday we learned that one of the C8 Corvette Stingray pre-production test cars was involved in what looks to be a multi-vehicle crash on CA Route 120 between Moccasin and Groveland near Yosemite, California.

Details are sketchy and we’re still not sure if this account is accurate, but it’s what was posted with the original crash images which were shared across various automotive and social media websites:

The first of I’m sure many 2020 Corvette Stingray wrecked on the road. Wife spotted on her drive to Yosemite here in Ca. The car was apart of a rally with GoPros mounted on the vehicle. Took a wide turn and the rear wheel off an SUV with a family in it heading opposite direction around a turn.

This new video was originally shared to Jalopnik from a reader named Erik which provides a view from a vehicle as it passes the crash scene. As the camera passes by the Elkhart Lake Blue Corvette, we see a damaged red Ford Ranger and a light-colored crossover on the side of the road.

This view does show the Corvette has severe front and side damage while we see the rear wheel on the SUV crossover missing so that description of the Corvette hitting the SUV on the rear wheel does seem legit. Accidents do happen and from what we previously know, these drivers are expected to follow all traffic rules and speed limits while testing. Again, we hope everyone was okay.


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  1. OK, so first off, where was Mark Reuss??? Sorry, couldn’t resist. Now the facts. SUV was not hit in the front, rather in the middle to end – looks like first contract was at the rear door. SUV looks to have ad 7 kids in the car? Ranger, 2nd car hit, was hit in front, low and at the bumper level, it appears. C8 was hit on left front, looks like in front of the tire.

    So, if the C8 was over the centerline, it most likely would have hit the front of the SUV. IF, the CUV was over the line and tried to correct back to its right, the front might have been missed by the C8, but hitting the rear door and wheel. Without steering, the C8 continues on a straight line (tires tracks indicate this) to hit the front of the Ranger and submarines to the side of the road. This last part is pure guess as I don’t see how the C8 got clear of the Ranger.

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