Colors We Would Like to See on the C8 Corvette: Pearl White


Colors We Would like to see on the C8 Corvette: Pearl White

Cadillac V-Series Championship Edition with Crystal White Tricoat Exterior

Happy New Year, Corvette Nation! Welcome back to our recurring “Hopeful Future Corvette Colors” post, we sincerely apologize that it’s been a while since we posted one of these! Please enjoy this edition and have a fun and safe holiday!

The longest-tenured color on the Corvette palette of paints is Arctic White. GM even gave their most creatively named hue, “Black” a model year off in 2012 when it made way for the sparkly Carbon Flash Metallic of the Centennial Edition ‘Vettes.

A similar arrangement is exactly what we have in mind for this week’s color. Arctic White desperately needs a vacation and the General has a pair of colors that we think could fill the void for a year or two while also single-handedly classing up Chevy showrooms quite a bit.

Cadillac CTS-V in Crystal White Frost

Cadillac CTS-V in Crystal White Frost

The first of the two is the low-gloss Crystal White Frost which was found on an extremely limited run of special edition V-Series Cadillacs in 2016. Caddy painted 70 ATS Vs (39 Coupes and 31 Sedans) along with 29 CTS Vs with this unique paint and we are dying to see it on the new mid-engine Corvette.

Crystal White Frost is reminiscent of Ferrari’s Bianco Fuji and Lamborghini’s Balloon White which both look outstanding on the mid-engine exotics from those manufacturers and, as one GTC Viper that was recently for sale in the Centennial State proves, also looks fantastic on domestic metal.

Lamborghini in Ballon White

Lamborghini in Ballon White

Luckily, for those who prefer their paint as shinny as possible, the Corvette team could also raid Cadillac’s paint warehouse for a few cans of our second feature color of the week; the excellent White Diamond Tricoat. A color which needs no further description than a picture of a beautiful, pearly, V Wagon!

Cadillac CTS-V Wagon in White Diamond Tricoat

Cadillac CTS-V Wagon in White Diamond Tricoat

GM has long had an affinity for various shades of pearl white on their high-end Cadillacs, Denalis, and recently, even on High Country Silverados. We find it curious that it has never adorned their flagship vehicle but we think the new Stingray could be the perfect place for them to right that long-standing wrong.

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  1. I agree, I have a CTS Coupe that is Triple Diamond White, like a Pearl especially in the Sun. Easy to keep clean too, unlike my Millennium Yellow C6. I wash and wax that after every outing but it sure looks great clean.

  2. Just say NO to white cars. White is a kitchen appliance color, dull, boring, doesn’t “Pop” Not for Sports Cars

  3. Jeff
    IMHO you are too rough on white
    My 2017 Z06 white with full black racing stripe is a head turner….it is sporty. Happy New Year.
    Can not wait for my C8 HTC thinking red this time.

  4. We have had the ‘pearl white’ on several Cadillacs and that color is the absolute worst for doing any minor touchups from rock chips, etc. Most bodyshops are not fond of it either.

  5. I have been waiting a long time for the Pearl White. I had my 84 painted Pearl White and I love it. Who in he world would drive a banana all summer long. We all have our preference.

  6. Pearl any color makes them impossible to touch up, panel painting is not possible. Every paint repair requires blending into the next panel and sometimes its necessary to go down the complete side of a car. Low gloss anycolor is also a nightmare to repair and always looks unfinished. Solid white is typically a easy color to repair and maintain and has the elegance of straight black. What GM should do though is a metallic black to make black much easier to maintain. Cadillac just added straight white so people can get a white caddy for no extra cost like there pearl white does.

  7. Make it:
    “White Chrome”
    In fact make all the colors available in “CHROME” / Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black, etc.
    It’s a CORVETTE! Make them “POP” not subdued.

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