Colors We’d Like to See on the C8 Corvette: Rally Green Metallic


Colors We'd Like to See on the C8 Corvette: Rally Green Metallic

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The eighth-generation Corvette offers one of the largest color palettes ever seen on America’s Sports Car but there are still some underrepresented segments in the spectrum that we would love to see on the C8 at some point.

Welcome to CorvetteBlogger’s new feature where we highlight new colors from across the General Motors’ portfolio and occasional shades from other manufacturers that would look fantastic on our new mid-engine marvel!

The inaugural color that we would love to see migrated over to the ‘Vette next year is a brand-new hue from the re-refreshed 2020 Camaro which they are calling Rally Green Metallic.

Colors We'd Like to See on the C8 Corvette: Rally Green Metallic

The C8 has already proven that it can pull off both exotic and classy looks. We think this British Racing-esque hue could rival Zeus Bronze for the title of most elegant Corvette paint on the market.

This is a very dark shade of green and isn’t likely to be confused with 2014’s stunning Lime Rock Green. It is nearly impossible to find good pictures of the new green this early in production. On the showroom floor, it looks black with a green tint, luckily forum member, Gearhead SS, was able to capture some nice photos in the sun where the shade really wakes up and depending on your viewpoint; it presents a couple of different ways. The pictures of the awesome SS 1LE sitting on the truck waiting to be unloaded have an emerald quality to them but once the tires hit the pavement, some yellow shows up, causing it to give off more of an ’80’s Porsche Moss Green/original Bullitt Highland Green vibe.

Colors We'd Like to See on the C8 Corvette: Rally Green Metallic

Some muscle car enthusiasts out there might be saying to themselves something along the lines of “I had a Rally Green ’69 Camaro and it looked nothing like that!” Unfortunately, just as it did with Admiral Blue in 2016, GM brought back a name from the past and applied it to a darker color. That said, both Rally Green paints are outstanding and we would love to see them offered side-by-side like the Corvette team has been known to do with a light and a dark shade blue at the same time (i.e. Jetstream and Supersonic Blue).

What do you think? Would you want this color on your C8? Should they bring back Lime Rock or the original Rally Green instead? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to CorvetteBlogger as we continue to dive into the fascinating world of factory paint jobs!

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  1. Save either dark greens for the following years replacements when other less-chosen colors are dropped from the palette.

  2. You people saying a color is feminine is offense and out of line! Take 2012 Carlisle Blue (spelled wrong) people thought the same thing, they spread the word and I never did get see any of that color in my area except at a Vette show at Les Stanford Chev. in Dearborn Mi. It was a coupe with white stripes and BRIGHT wheels! It was awesome!

  3. My C7 is Lime Rock Green and it’s still getting rave compliments wherever I go I have a Long Beach Red Metalic C8 on order, but no doubt if I knew 2021 or 22 would offer any dark green, I’d hold off.

  4. Joe, Rapid Blue most certainly is not gender specific. Tell that to all the Ford GT owners. Mustang owners and other who have a color similar to RB if you wanna get your Butt kicked!

  5. No way Jose! Chevrolet needs to quit thinking European pastel colors and just go with real colors not shades of colors. They need to get samples of the Vinyl Wraps Tapes and make a Chrome RED, Chrome Yellow, Chrome Blue, Chrome Orange ext. ext. ext. & yes even a Chrome Green but all of them should “POP” not “poop”!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’ve had 3 C7 corvettes. The lime rock green was by far the prettiest of the 3. Another color I would like to see would be midnight blue metallic.

  7. Agree with Doti…………..the wheel selection on the 2020 is terrible. Where’s the CHROME??? A few geezers with money still like chrome!!

  8. Don’t like it at all and would not order this color of green. I have been waiting for the Pearl White not some awful looking green. My 2016 Stingray is Arctic White and still prefer the Pearl, but that’s just me.

  9. British Racing Green, Mossport Green, or equivalents brings to mind the British racing tradition; Sterling Moss and Jackie Stewart e.g. Growing up with many high school and college friends that had corvettes (Bakersfield, Ca. 1960s), I agree with Hank that the ’65 Vette in the Mossport Green was my favorite and I think it is time to bring it back. Although my current color choice for my C8 is Sebring Orange I would change in a heartbeat to the Rally Green Metallic if it is made a choice for the C8.

    P.S. I own a ’92 Black Coupe and the 2004 Le Mans Limited Edition Z06.

  10. The SCORCHED YELLOW color from a 2005 Triumph Speed Triple.
    UNBELIEVABLE color that would absolutely KILL on a C8.

  11. I was also hoping for a white with some pop, arctic is to bland. I have a iridescent white truck and next to my buddies arctic white truck its night and day difference. Not the creamy white, the bright white, I went with ceramic matrix silver because it has some pop, looks white as its coming at you until it gets alongside you.

  12. Well it appears that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. How about a dark charcoal with a very defined metallic in it? The size of the smallest metalflake. This would accentuate the contours and sharp edges of the mid engine’s design.

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