[POLL] What’s Your Favorite Corvette of the 2000s?


[POLL] What's Your Favorite Corvette of the 2000s?

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The 2009 version just netted the second straight win for a ZR1 in our Best Corvette of each decade countdown. The 2000s have to be counted among the greatest decades for America’s Sports Car.

Between 2000 and 2009 the ‘Vette went from a 345 Horsepower, one-model lineup to a new body style that supported three separate models and a previously unimaginable top end with 638 HP. On the track, the new C5.R and its successor, the C6.R were racking up wins at home and abroad, teaching the hard-working folks behind our favorite road car new tricks to make the ‘Vette even more formidable each year.

Your choices this week are extremely varied. Starting at the turning of the millennium, we had C5 Coupe, Convertible, and Hardtop to choose from. Then a C5 Z06 showed up on the scene, followed by an all-new 6th generation Corvette in 2005. The C6 started out with coupe and convertible layouts each powered by a 400 horse LS2. The Z06 made a return in ’06, this time bringing back the greatest displacement in history, the 427. In 2008, the base engine was upgraded from 6.0L to 6.2L with the introduction of the LS3 which brought with it an additional 36 horses. Finally, the Supercharged ZR1 was introduced to close out the decade with a massive bang.

So, Corvette fans, which one is your favorite?

What is your favorite Corvette from the 2000s?

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Last week’s 1990s poll saw the 1990-95 ZR-1 run away with the poll like it was a top-speed test. The “Corvette from Hell” netted 36% of the votes surprisingly followed by the C5 convertible and Coupe at 20% and 16% respectfully. Our second-place winner, and rarest of the C5s, the “Fixed Roof Coupe” was pushed all the way down to 4th place with an 11% share, followed by our bronze medalist, the ’96 LT4-powered cars at just 9%. Rounding out the choices were the LT1 and L98 C4s with 4% and 3% slices of the pie.

Look out for the final edition of our countdown next week as we take a look at the decade that is coming to a close, the 2010s.

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  1. Hey Joe, why are you here?? Hard to beat the 09′ ZR1. Ford and Mopar don’t have anything even close.

  2. The ZR1 was an absolute monster! 638 horse with a 205 mph top speed. That car could go head to head with any exotic in the world and beat it!

  3. I’m surprised the 2010-2013 Grand Sport was not within the list of choices. As we know, the Grand Sport out sold all other C6 models during its production run. I chose a GS Manual over a Z06 in my search for a C6 based on a number of factors, not the least of which was the Z06 ’08-’11 engine issue. Truly, the little difference in engine performance during ‘normal’ driving, and the softer suspension, makes the Manual GS with hand assembled dry-sump engine, I believe, a legitimate wise choice.

  4. Kenneth Gutwein many people did not like the C7 design. They thought it looked like a Ferrari. Plus the ZO6 was disappointing with it’s overheating and limp mode issues. Not too mention all the problems with the eight speed automatic. And the manual option with seven gears was not very well received.

  5. Wrong decade, guys.
    The C6 GS and all C7s will be eligible next week. Going to be a good one!

  6. The 2013 427 convertible is a great contender for the next round. I has the LS7 /ZO6 heritage and performs like no other convertible before it!

  7. Joe Mattingly and it’s rare too! Only one guy in my area has one, and he takes it out to the local car show weekly.

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