National Corvette Inventory Drops to 5,025 Cars with a 122 Day Supply


National Corvette Inventory Drops to 5,025 Cars with a 122 Day Supply

It’s been a few months since we looked at the nationwide inventory levels of the C7 Corvette, but now that Corvette production has been paused as the plant retools for the C8 Corvette, I thought now would be a good time to find out how many new Corvettes are still available.

The data comes from a website called which helps dealers manage their inventories. In their November 15th update, they are showing the nationwide inventory for C7 Corvettes is now at 5,025 with a 122-day supply.

The “Day Supply” numbers are calculated based on the number of days that dealers will need to be completely sold out. The current inventory of 5,000+ Corvettes should be enough to give dealers some cushion with something to sell while the generational changeover is underway.

And based on the current sales rate, there should be inventory to last 122-days which means that the C7 Corvette won’t be completely sold out until March 19, 2020.

At the beginning of the year we were looking at 9,000+ new Corvettes with a 230 day supply. And then in April, Chevrolet began offering the $3,000 Loyalty Bonus for Corvette owners and the day-supply dropped to just 84 in July. That Loyalty Bonus remains in effect and it will be interesting to see is Chevrolet makes any changes during this time period to broaden the rebates to move that existing Corvette inventory even faster.

As Chevrolet completed its C7 Corvette production just last week, we’ll see those new cars reflected into the inventory totals next month, so we expect these numbers to change somewhat with the addition of new cars produced following the strike, but not massively.


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