[POLL] Have You Seen the 2020 Corvette Stingray In Person?


[POLL] Have You Seen the 2020 Corvette Stingray In Person?

The mid-engine C8 Corvette is the American sports car that has been 66+ years in the making. Chevrolet finally introduced the 2020 Corvette Stingray on 7.18.19 at the Tustin Blimp Hangar in Orange County, CA., and since then, the new Corvette has gone on tour visiting Chevy dealerships on both coasts and parts in-between.

In addition to the C8 Dealers Tour where the car is attracting huge crowds, the new 2020 Corvette Stingray has made appearances at Corvettes at Carlisle, the National Corvette Museum’s 25th Anniversary Celebration, and Michigan’s Concours d’Elegance of America, as well as appearing at IMSA races in support of Corvette Racing.

[POLL] Have You Seen the 2020 Corvette Stingray In Person?

Photo Credit: Kornel Werner

And that’s just the show cars! Dataloggers are now driving the new Corvettes and they are crisscrossing the country to put the required million miles on the cars before production starts. We’ve seen pics and videos of C8 caravans being driven in Florida and California, Ohio and Oregon.

So for this week’s Corvette Poll, we wanted to ask how many of you have actually seen the next-generation Corvette in person?

Have you seen the mid-engined 2020 Corvette Stingray in person?

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  1. Living in South Florida we have a wonderful demographic for Sports Cars. Every 2nd Saturday we have an event called Super Car Saturday at Pembroke Gardens Outdoor Mall from 9am to 12pm. Every imaginable sports car from Corvettes to Bugatti to Ferrari and Lamborghini is there is large numbers. I encourage the Corvette Team to show up and drive through, it would be a huge sensation and draw the attention of hundreds of buyers and cameras.

  2. Seen it, Ordered one, now can not wait to get my grubby little hands on it out in the WILD…. 😜😎

  3. Hell no we can not see here in Canada we are just G M’s second class customer.
    Bur there was a test mule from Michigan visiting a friend in Windsor Ontario!

  4. Haven’t seen it live. But l have ordered one. Maybe there will be one at the Texas State Fair in Dallas, that starts today. The dealer showing is October 26th.

  5. I live in Detroit area so I have been able to sit in an orange one that looked spectacular, as well as a red, white and black one. Have an accelerate yellow one one order.

  6. Seen it! Love it . I’ve owned a corvette for 42 plus years. Will have a C8 sooner than later

  7. My wife and I live in Toronto, Ontario Canada and we drove down to NY state to see it at a dealership there. We have a slot in the build list with our local Toronto dealer. Can’t wait. Hopefully the strike ends soon.

  8. Yes my wife and I saw it in Michigan WOW what a car we just love it …it’s absolutely gorgeous…anyone that gets one should appreciate it totally every single day !!!

  9. Saw it and sat in it, and spend 3 hours looking at all the systems,. Went to Conti’s in Ohio when the C8 was there.
    My order is in awaiting constraints and the end of the GM strike. MAYBE we get the car in March-May.

  10. Haven’t seen one in person but mostly waiting to find out where the 1st new Yellow car will be. Supposedly one has come down the assemble line but it looks to me as if Chevrolet is afraid to show it as everything they have shown so far in the swatches & brake caliper’s looks like it is going to be about as exciting as “Don’t Eat Yellow Snow”. Wish Chevrolet would quite trying to satisfy some unknown buyers they hope to acquire by making all these Volkswagen pastel shade type colors and just grow some “BALLS” & produce a “Yellow Chrome” & “Red Chrome” paint using the yellow in their “Velocity” shade & the Red with real “Red” and not some shade flavored with some type of orange thrown in with the red. All they have to do is look at these Yellow / Red Chrome vinyl tapes the car wrap guys use to wrap the cars and make those into paint instead of vinyl.

  11. Drove 300 miles to Mid America Motor Works Funfest in Effingham Illinois to see one to no avail….Guess GM doesn’t think 2 0r 3000 Corvette Owners mean zip to them….Just saying

  12. I am a show car type of guy who also likes to drive his cars. I have seen, sat in and gone all over the C8 opening doors and operating switches. I like the car and plan to get one, but I have a couple issues. My wife was sitting in the passenger seat and said she felt isolated. I tried out the passenger seat and had the same feeling. My other issue is with the rear engine cover. The cooling panels that run the full length of the window on either side are flat perforated steal. The bottom edge of the glass window is open to the engine compartment. Both of these allow water and dirt to enter the engine compartment and fall directly on that beautiful engine. Road grime, rain and or soppy water will water spot and stain the top of the engine and the nice sweeping headers just under the openings. I hope the hard top convertible will not have this water intrusion issue with the top being stored above the engine, this will be my choice for a C8.

  13. Haven’t seen one in person. I would like to buy one but I am concerned of dealer markups.

  14. Go to: Mid Engine Corvette Forum. They have the list. Plus tons of info you need to know about constraints and allocations

  15. Or , CorvetteForum C8 general discussion, they have a sticky list of MSLP dealers. You should deal with the Forum dealers as they all sell the most Corvettes in the nation an know what they are doing. They all offer a no Bs buying experience

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