[POLL] Guess the Color of the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette at the 7.18.19 Reveal


[POLL] Guess the color of the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette at the 7.18.19 Reveal

Looking at the calendar we see that the reveal of the next generation Corvette is just 2 months away now. With that, the speculation of where in Orange County the reveal will take place continues to grow. Along with that comes the expectation of new high-tech options and gadgetry. But what color will the car be?

Prior to the C7 launch we ran a similar poll with Torch Red coming away as the run-away winner. Low and behold, Torch Red was shown on January 13th, 2013 alongside a Cyber Gray Stingray. The following year we first saw the Z06 in Velocity Yellow and Shark Gray. The Grand Sport was also Gray when it made its Geneva debut in 2016. Finally, the big dog ZR1 showed up in Sebring Orange when it was unwrapped in Dubai in late 2017.

Looking back at the C6 reveals we see a similar pattern. The base coupe was first shown in red followed by the Z06 in yellow. The ZR1 made its debut in LeMans Blue.

If we believe that the leaked C8 Order Guide photos are accurate, we see the 2020 Corvette will come in 12 colors. Nine of the current colors, including Torch Red and Shadow Gray, will carry over into 2020. The three new colors will be Accelerate Yellow Metallic, Rapid Blue, and Zeus Bronze.

So, of the 12 choices, which color will we see when the 2020 Corvette is revealed on July 18th in southern California? Speculation around our Detroit Bureau office is that we’ll see a Torch Red car again. We think there’s also a good choice we’ll see a second car as well like we did in 2013. Since the C8 will be a major departure from previous Corvettes why not show that second car in Zeus Bronze – a color that’s a major departure from “traditional” Corvette colors?

Of course, this all just wild speculation and conjecture, but its still fun to guess. Vote for your favorite in our poll below.

Guess the color of the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette at the 7.18.19 Reveal

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  1. Well I heard that there will be only one red (Torch only, no burgundy) I hope not, I prefer Long Beach Red (with metallic)

  2. The C8 is the most monumental change since 1963. This car will challenge every other supercar on the market. Therefore, on 7/18/19 they should show one red, one white and one blue. It’s the right thing to do.

  3. George C., I never thought about it that way, but when you put it like that, I’ll be disappointed if that isn’t how it’s revealed.

  4. Any color but White. I am so tired of white cars, especially on Sports Cars. White is a color for kitchen appliances…. I like metallic reds and blues

  5. George C. +1. But I wonder if an introductory color will be a one year only or limited run as it was for Cyber Grey(glad I chose it) or Lime Rock Green for the C7.

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