[VIDEO] Genovation’s GXE Electric Corvette Broke Its Own Top Speed Record


[VIDEO] Genovation's GXE Electric Corvette Broke Its Own Top Speed Record

When it comes to electric supercars, they don’t come any faster than Genovation, which holds world records as the fastest street-legal electric supercar and in the all-electric standing mile.

In fact, they’ve broken their own records nine times, including the most recent accomplishment when a C7 Corvette Grand Sport-based Genovation GXE topped out at 210.2 miles per hour, snapping its old mark of “just” 209 mph.

You can watch all the fun on video as the car “roars” silently down a strip at the Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds in Merritt Island, Fla.

Setting the new record wasn’t necessarily an easy feat, the company admits on its website:

“First, we got rained out. Then we battled massive crosswinds. The GXE still broke its own world record for fastest street-legal all-electric supercar: 210.2 mph … and there’s more record-breaking to come.”

[VIDEO] Genovation's Electric Corvette GXE Broke Its Own Top Speed Record

Genovation gets its record-setting performance courtesy of two electric motors that in turn get their power from five battery packs that help the GXE produce a whopping 800 horsepower and 718 lb-ft of torque. By the way, those batteries help contribute to the car’s 4,500 pound weight, some 1,000 pounds more than the stock gasoline-power Grand Sport.

The GXE features your choice of transmissions – an eight-speed automatic or a seven-speed manual.

Just 75 of the cars will be produced – at a cost of $750,000 each. Yes, we know that sounds like an awful lot of dough, but the thrill of knowing you have the world’s fastest electric supercar sitting in your driveway would definitely make it worthwhile for the uber-rich, wouldn’t you think?

Since Genovation started its electric fantasy world with a C6 and then upgraded to a C7, we’re sure they will be moving on to a mid-engine C8 in the coming months. We wonder what kind of challenges the new engine location will present for Genovation’s engineers, but based on their track record, we’re sure they’ll figure out any challenges and new records are on the horizon.

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