[POLL] Take our 2020 Corvette Poll – Did the Reveal Meet Your Expectations


[POLL] Take our 2020 Corvette Poll - Did the Reveal Meet Your Expectations

Chevrolet held the 2020 Corvette reveal last night that was years in the making and we want to know what you think about the new car!

It’s obvious that the Corvette team spends a lot of time with their customers as many of the concerns about the new Corvette that we’ve heard over the last couple of years were addressed immediately. A low entry price? Check! Plenty of Storage? Check! Performance worthy of the Corvette name? Double Check!!

We realize that many of the Corvette owners have had their doubts about Chevrolet dropping a proven performer in the front-engine/rear-wheel drive configuration for an unproven mid-engine sports car. After watching the reveal presentation and checking out the official press release, what are your thoughts? Take our poll below and let us know!

After watching the reveal of the 2020 Corvette, does the new Corvette meet your expectations

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[GALLERY] Official Photos of the 2020 Mid-Engine Corvette
Official: The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette is Here
Watch the C8 Corvette Reveal Here



  1. TJ was very good, and of course very knowledgeable about the Tech side- but Ruess reminds me of Joe Biden! Having said that- I would be interested in a Roadster version!

  2. Great presentation. But, why have the female astronaut there making insinuations about ‘the struggle’? Not trying to be disrespectful, but it just was not relevant…the event was not a TED Talk. However, the rocket-age aerospace and 50th anniversary moon landing opening mantage to the whole thing, and the montage leading up to the unveil was awesome, hands down. They pretty much got straight to the point. Also, the real-time cut-away graphics was a great treat. I also have to hand it to GMs IT team- no issues at all during livestream. I accidently turned my tablet to standby (I was screenshotting nonstop), but was able to get back on without ANY problems. The suspense leading up to the price reveal was tense, but the second he said “under 60k”, it was effectively the moment the success of this car was ensured!

    Great event, even greater car. Well done! Now I feel like Ralphie at the department store drooling over the new Red Ryder BB gun at the beginning of A Christmas Story! This is indeed Christmas in July, amd worth it!!!

  3. Congrats to Mark Reuss and the Corvette team for a Grand Slam ! Chief engineer Tadge J did an extraordinary job with this machine and his passion for his job shows. They will be very busy in Bowling Green ! I’m glad its normally aspirated as it will run cooler, and the LT-2 has plenty of horsepower……well done. The coordination with the 50th anniversary of the moon landing was not only brilliant, it was all AMERICAN !

  4. Not one, but two golf bags we must design our top sports car to carry, said no “serious” sports car manufacturer. It does explain the over exaggerated rear end, so now I understand why… That said Chevrolet will sell tens of thousands of C8’s to its base demographics. In the end that’s what the Corvette is, an affordable and capable sports car for the masses. No hate here, we’ll done Chevrolet!

  5. So here at the office (at a major military installation SW of Bowling Green), the new Stingray is the topic of discussion…and I am the oldest of the group at 41! Most of my soldiers here under my charge are late 20s/early 30s.

    Mr. Juechter and Mr. Lutz, you guys just reached a MAJOR demographic! Dealers, please take notice!!!

  6. They did right by emphasizing the decades long push to be mid engine. I will miss the front engine profile, but it’s hard to deny the appeal of the engineering side, and Zora’s ultimate goal.

  7. Game changer. $60,000!? Wow. Horsepower per dollar on a basic Corvette Z51 is amazing. The new tech and the way they spec out the car for options. The memory raising of the front end was very satisfying. The style is very nice and of course just like the C7 the rear end taillights will be the subject of debate. I can see that this car will be an absolute beast visually and on the road in Zo6 and Zora forms. Nice job Chevy and GM.

  8. I love the side profile and the new future style interior. It really does look like a luxury car. The back tho…not really my style. I do like the previous two gens of corvettes tho. I hope the Basic package allows owners to escape from much of the techy options. We all know that junk is problematic.

  9. Gouging for the few that will pay it. It took less than 2 years to get 12% off on my C7. I’ll wait, thank you very much.

  10. Amen to the comment about DEALER GOUGING. I stopped at one of our local Chevy dealers today to see what their process was for getting a C8. This is a big multi-line dealership. $10,000 deposit and there will be a $10,000 premium on the car. Oh….and it might take a year for the car to come in. BS.

  11. I wouldn’t expect it to be under 60K, but I know a dealer who does not mark up. It just depends upon what the sticker turns out to be. The low end is obviously an LT1. I wouldn’t get less than an LT2.

  12. Great looking car – BUT- All depends on the price and what kind of mark up the unscrupulous dealers add on. I’d buy one but based on the C7 C7Z and ZR1 and the dealer markups Ill not. I live in Canada and they screw the patrons ruthlessly. GM also is extremely slow in sending new cars here.

  13. The first 10 minutes had NOTHING to do with a new car introduction. The second 10 minutes were boring and a waste of time. Not until Tadge starting talking did we learn anything worthwhile. The car is a nice piece of work, but there are many not so obvious little things that still need fixing. Properly optioned out, the Stingray will sticker for $80k+. That’s low enough that it could be a world beater, even superior to most other super cars. Expect snobs (I’m talking about you, Europe) not to give it any respect.

  14. $60K for a base stingray with no freaking options in it, not the Z51 that you saw last night 1lz option pkg is going to run $4300 min. 2lz pop’s that up to $8900 and a 3lz if available is going to cost at least 14k+, and just because they claim 0-60 in under 3 sec, dont believe that, any manufacture can say what they want so your going to tell me a Z06 with 160+ more hp is going to be slower then a base with 496 hp GM also claimed the Z06 time of 0-60 in 2.9 but dont believe it I’ve tried in all different conditions and cant duplicate that, even with drag slicks. the back looks like a camaro and i’m telling you with that motor behind your head its going to be hot and loud inside. The interior Id MHO is crap they took so much stuff off the steering wheel and put it further away from the driver thats good for keeping your eyes away from the road , and from what I got from reveal is they want this car to be more of a track car then a weekend cruiser and for me thats not why I bought my Z06 . I give this car a thumbs Down.

  15. This titanic shift in Corvette engineering got off to the best start I could ever imagine. Well done to the ENTIRE Corvette team of engineers, designers, and dreamers (which was the whole point of the astronauts in the first fifteen minutes of the presentation: dreamers, like Zora Arkus-Duntov and every other kid who swooned over the 1985 Corvette Indy Concept Car and became an engineer). There’s no going back now. This car with 10 hp less than the C6 Z06 and about 150+ less horsepower than the C6 ZR1, C7 Z06, C7 ZR1 goes 0-60 in less than three seconds? And for about $70,000 – $80,000 optioned out, which is far less than its older brothers?


  16. Loved the tech stuff. I love NASA and moon info but not here. Much of the presentation was pretty amateurish, but the high tech visible car was great. C-8 engineering looks impressive. Thought they would have 12 Vettes showing all colors offered and was surprised no convertibles shown. I really love the C-8 but I’m stuck with my much loved C-5 for a while!

  17. A very fast Chevrolet sportscart, sports car in the front, golf cart in the back! How original!

  18. Car is fugly, looks again like it was designed with midget drivers in mind, over complicated electronics. The taillights look like they were hijacked off a blazer. They screwed the pooch on this one. As a lifelong gear head and someone that did a lot more then just buy parts and bolt them onto cars and drive cars a lot harder then most corvette posers, this car is a real letdown

  19. Like others did not care for the NASA stuff at the beginning. As for the “Looks” of the new car it’s a good starting point for the C8. As for getting into one for $60 large I will believe that when cows land on the moon! I foresee initial problems for any first of a generation car so I will withhold my cash for a 2021 or a 22 model convertible to replace my 13 C6 lt4 convertible but only if it has enough leg and body room for us taller people. I for one cannot wait to test drive one and see how it fits and corners. Thank You.

  20. I know people are happy about the price, but this car in the Z51 package is still a bargin, at 80 grand.

  21. Norman – I agree with you totally. I too am wondering about leg/body room, as my husband is 6’3″. He has enough trouble getting into my 2015 C7.

  22. As a long time Corvette lover ,owner,driver i am 65 years young and owned 9 Corvettes from 1954 to a 2012 Grand Sport coupe . We currently own a 1969 convertible and the G S coupe but have planned and saved to buy a 2020 coupe and enjoy driving it in our great state of TEXAS and other states !

  23. Beautiful car inside and out. I’ll be buying one of these in 2021, once they get the first year bugs out of the electrical system. I’ll park it next to my 2013 427 vette, another beauty. Isn’t it awesome that you’ll be able to purchase a rear wheel drive, us made vette for less than $100K and it’s probably going to be much more reliable than a Ferrari, a Lambo or a Porsche. Cars are for driving, not for storing and this is going to be a fun drive-able road car. Isn’t life great?

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