[POLL] Where Do You Stand on Debadging the C8 Corvette?


[POLL] Where Do you Stand on Debadging the C8 Corvette?

Every time a new Corvette is released, there are engineering and design elements that cause controversy among Corvette faithful.

Sometimes there is a huge change that sends people off the deep end (no manual in the C8, new taillight shape for the C7, no pop-up headlights on the C6), and other times the features/changes that lead to heated internet debates are pretty inconsequential/negligible/minor like the black plastic front spats on the C7 Z06.

The most recent example of the latter can be found on the rear deck of the new Eighth Generation Corvette. In the space behind the engine-viewing window on the mid-engine ‘Vette is an updated Stingray badge that has become a minor point of contention between prospective buyers of Chevrolet’s new sports car.

One camp is hell-bent on removing the Stingray Badge from the back of their 2020 Corvette, with many going as far as saying they will remove the badge before even leaving the dealership. On the other side, you have people who believe that the new Stingray logo looks good and is cleverly placed on the elongated area above the trunk.

As part of this discussion, we know some buyers who are planning on removing the front badges after seeing the C8 Corvette prototypes without emblems and deciding that the debadged exterior looks pretty cool.

What side do you fall on? Take our poll below and let us know where you stand on debadging the 2020 Corvette Stingray!

Will you be removing any of the badges from the 2020 Corvette Stingray's exterior?

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  1. I didn’t care for the Stingray insignias on the side of the C7 and removed them shortly after taking ownership. It had a dramatic improvement on the body-line flows.. The Stingray’s placement on the C8’s rear deck has a cheap K-Mart add-on look to it…IMHO. If I do buy a C8, I’ll probably take some fishing line to the dealership when I take delivery. Hey, each to their own…that’s just my 2 cents.

  2. Having owned 4 different C2 Corvettes, I’m still upset that Chevrolet keeps digging up the Sting Ray name, just to sell a few more cars. There is only one REAL Sting Ray Corvette, and that was the 63 to 67 models. Yet,
    they decided to slap the “Stingray” (one word) on the sides of the 69 Corvette WRONG…if you want to call it something else besides just a Corvette, they could have used the word “Shark”, since the basic design of the C3 was influenced by the Mako Shark. Flash forward to the C7….”look folks, this is a Sting Ray”…WRONG
    and finally ..the C8 generation a totally all new Corvette design…and guess what, no one at Chevy has any imagination, plus they think the Sting Ray name might sell a few more cars..so they slap it on the C8 🙁
    Its like Dodge when they brought out the new “Charger” was it a sporty good looking 2-door coupe like the 68 Dodge Charger…NO…it was a bulky 4-door sedan “brick”, trying to gain respect by living off the original name of a car built over 40 years ago.

  3. I don’t see anything wrong with people personalizing their Vetts. I don’t think I would remove the emblems, but I would have to actually see the car. I am restoring a 1990 ZR-1 right now and this same issue pops up with it also. My Z is a driver and I will be upgrading brakes, exhaust, sound system and paint.

  4. I feel exactly like Jeff Butler with one thing to add this new Generation of GM engineers have no respect for the past those pioneers of the C2 Corvette named that car , don’t disgrace those that are gone that was their legacy you have walked all over a tradition that was there in place leave it alone.

  5. I cannot understand how GM can design a good looking mid engined car and screw up the rear so badly. It’s like everyone in the design department got to put one detail on the rear. That’s the view most drivers will see and it is awful!

  6. I’m in complete agreement with Jeff Butler’s comments above. There is only ONE authentic Sting Ray in the Corvette family tree and that was (is) the C2 Corvette (1963 through 1967). The first year of the C3 had no surname and then the Sting Ray name returned – but spelled as one word.
    Purely a marketing ploy, Chevy is continuing to tie subsequent Corvette generations to the legendary C2.
    I am also a former owner of a C2 Sting Ray (1966 roadster). The C2 Corvette was, is, and always will be the only authentic Sting Ray.
    Also, I agree with Craig Kent above ~> The C8 should have been introduced as the Zora… ‘thereby paying a richly-deserved tribute to the engineering genius behind the legendary – and only – production Corvette that should wear the name of Sting Ray. ‘Just my humble opinion, mind you… but I’ve been a rabid Corvette enthusiast since I was a teenager in the 1960’s, and I still am…

  7. Personally I wasn’t crazy about doing away with “Clam Shell Rear Window”, OR “No Round Taillights” on C7 but they did grow on me. (still kept my C6 though) I’m ALL IN on New Mid Engine C8 Corvette, one of the Coolest Corvette’s I’ve seen (ALL Corvette’s are Kool👍). Already placed my order at local Dealership!👍😁 Now I can’t wait to get my hands on it and start cruising. Always Happy with Z51, plenty of motor to satisfy me. At my age this will be my 5th and last, didn’t even think I would jump right in at the sight of the New Mid Engine C8 Vette BUT…. LOL

  8. The Zora is yet to come! And as far as the badges go remove if you want, but save them so some guy restoring the car for NCRS in 25 years doesn’t have to spend even more money returning the car to original condition….lol

  9. Thank God they didn’t nickname the C8 “Kitty-Cat.” I just can’t imagine what that insignia would end up looking like…🥴
    However, apparently if the Chevrolet number-crunchers thought it would sell more cars, I’m sure they’d use it…LoL 😂🤣😳

  10. The rear style lights of the C8 is an atrocity to the stingray design The rest of the design is awsome What were they thinking ? They’ve had years planning this new design Maybe enough old corvette owners will complain and we’ll see a change and modifacation in a few years Sure hope so

  11. I love my torch red C6 Grand Sport coupe.

    I was at the 25th NCM anniversary and really like the C8; however, I love cruising in my C6 Grand Sport Corvette in fact my 25th anniversary Cruise round-trip was in excess of 3,500 miles.

    Unfortunately the C8 does not have any place to put a small cooler or any interior storage space for snacks or even a place for my wife to put her sweater. This makes me feel that the C8 will NOT be a suitable cruising Corvette!
    Very sad!!!

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