[POLL] What’s Your Favorite Color from the C7 Corvette Generation?


[POLL] What's Your Favorite Color from the C7 Corvette Generation?

Photo Credit: Van Bortel Chevrolet

The end of seventh generation Corvette production has us thinking back on the past six years. For this poll specifically, we are thinking about the 22 exterior colors that were available at some point throughout the C7’s life and which one is our favorite.

The question of best color depends on perspective; you can either take the colors on their own and say which shade is easiest on your eyes or you could consider which one you believe the C7 wears the best. These trains of thought can often lead to two completely different answers.

For me personally, it is pretty easy to boil it down to a top five but then things get kind of tricky. There is always old faithful: Torch Red. Then there are two low-production colors that I think are absolutely beautiful: Lime Rock Green (gone too soon!) and Black Rose. My favorite overall C7 color is probably Sebring Orange (it was Inferno Orange last generation). There is just something right about a bright orange ‘Vette but when I think about the color that shows best on the 2014-19 cars, I think that customers actually got it right this time around. Arctic White looks impeccable on the C7. The Black/Carbon Flash vents, wheels, mirrors carbon fiber roof and stinger stripe create a perfect contrast (especially when the Adrenaline Red interior and red calipers are thrown in for a splash of color).

Ceramic Matrix Gray

Photo Credit: Kerbeck Corvette

Honorable mention to Ceramic Matrix Gray. I had been wanting the Corvette Team to introduce a Nardo Gray-type color for years but can’t help but think that they missed the mark a bit by going too light.

What are your thoughts on the C7’s color palette? Be sure to vote for your favorite color in the poll and share your thoughts in the comments.

What's Your Favorite Exterior Color from the C7 Corvette Generation?

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  1. Black Rose Metallic.
    ANYTHING but black, white, red, yellow, silver or gray, gray, gray, gray.
    SO tired…

  2. Since I own a 1996 LT-4 in Dark Purple Metallic, I have to go with Black Rose. Beautiful color..

  3. Cyber Gray without a doubt! This one year only(2014) color
    Was the halo color for the C7 introduction. The metallic tint really “pops” in the sun. Combined with the painted aluminum wheels it provides a Rich yet understated look that also compliments the carbon fiber accents.

  4. Have to say I never would’ve believed the attention Long Beach Red seems to attract. It has a different color look in different light variances. Like even more than when I got it.

  5. I love the Torch Red Corvettes like my 13 C6 LT4 convertible as the contrasts between the black and red makes it stand out but any color on a Corvette except Black on Black will do it for me.

  6. I agree with Bill. The plastic trim on the Vette looks less like cheep plastic when the body is black. But even if that was not the case, a black Vette is just slick and sinister looking. It is the business. My first Vette, a 1981 was silver. My second, a 1986 was black. Oh, I loved those cars !!! I’m waiting to see a 2020 in person but I am leaning towards ordering black. “Yes officer, I do know why you pulled me over – because I let you !!!” I see it coming.

  7. I have a Black Rose Metallic 2017 Z06.
    I was going home from the Hosp. with my wife and this beautiful corvette pulled in behind me. In my rear view mirror it grabbed me visually, I flagged the driver down and asked about the color. Black Rose Metallic and a Z06. I asked what you do with 650 hp on the street. He was very proud of this car, grinning from ear to ear.
    I looked for 2 years for a C7 Corvette and hoped to find a Grand Sport in the same color. I finally found what I wanted at a dealer 150 miles from me. I set up an appointment for the next morning. My son in law and I drove down and checked out the car. I had to have it. Signed the papers and drove it home.
    I got my Black Rose C7 but, it wasn’t a Grand Sport, it is a Z06. After discussions with the original purchaser, we realize now that I have the same C7 that grabbed me in the mirror, and is now parked in my garage. Obviously it was divine intervention. They made 261 Black Rose Z06’s in 2017. I am fortunate to have one of them.

  8. Corvette Racing Yellow, but I might be biased, as that’s the color of my 2016 Z51 (Manual)

  9. I own a ’17 arctic white ZO6 (2LZ) only because the dealer discounted it from $98k to $77k. I love the car, but I really wanted black rose with kalahari interior.

  10. Blade Silver and Artic White are as classy as they get. Shark Gray can also thrown in there also with Watkins Glen Gray close thereafter. Look at what’s left at the dealerships. That’s usually time tested.

  11. Velocity yellow! You can spot the Vette a mile away. Whether parked somewhere
    off in the distance or coming at you on the highway.
    You’ll always spot the BEAST.

  12. I have a 2017 Black Rose Metallic Z06 with Jet Black interior and Chrome rims and this car just POPS, everywhere I go i get thumbs up and people yell from other cars on the street. It’s 1 of only 2 car colors that change the look depending on sunshine or clouds, the other is the Long Beach Red Metallic, my other favorite color is Black.

  13. Night Race Blue Metallic is the color of my 2014 convertible with Kalahari Top and Seats. I receive great compliments where ever I go.

  14. My wife and I both love the C7 Corvette in Daytona Sunrise Orange with the Kalahari interior. In fact we’re looking for one to buy. Pretty picky though. Want the z51 package, automatic, and magnetic selective ride. No luck finding one to date.

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