[VIDEO] The Corvette Mechanic Paul Koerner Does a Virtual Tour of the 2020 Corvette’s 8-Speed DCT Gearbox


[VIDEO] The Corvette Mechanic Paul Koerner Does a Virtual Tour of the 2020 Corvette's 8-Speed DCT Gearbox

Earlier this week we brought you a virtual tour of the new 495-horsepower LT2 V8 engine by Key Chevrolet’s GM World Class Certified Technician Paul Koerner.

It’s only fitting for his next video that Paul next pulled up the new 8-speed dual-clutch transmission that will be offered exclusively on the 2020 Corvette Stingray.

Paul does another great job pointing out various aspects of the new DCT gearbox and then he uses a cut-away photo on a similar DCT to talk about how the transmission is able to accomplish those lightning-fast shifts with no drop of torque.

Later this month, Paul will be joined by Brittany Grande at Corvettes at Carlisle, and you’ll also be able to find the dynamic Corvette service technicians at the 25th Anniversary Celebration at the National Corvette Museum. So bring your Corvette-related questions about service issues and maintenance questions!

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