[VIDEO] Corvette Racing’s Drivers Pick Their Favorite Victories


[VIDEO] Corvette Racing's Drivers Pick Their Favorite Victories

When you have 107 choices, picking your favorite made be more difficult than it sounds. Of course, we are talking racing as 107 is the number of victories scored by Corvette Racing over the last 20 years. Team Chevy recently asked the current four starting drivers about their favorite victory behind the wheel of the Yellow Corvette racers.

Before watching the video, I actually tried to predict each driver’s favorite win, and I am proud to say I got three out of four right! Well, actually 2.5 out of four only because Ollie actually named two races as his answer. If you think about it hard enough, they are pretty easy calls if you’re a true Corvette Racing fan.

So what are they? Here are the drivers in their own words:

So how did you score in our pop quiz?

Tommy was behind the wheel of the #73 C6.R and running P2 to a Ferrari when he captured the lead in the 2011 24 Hours of Le Mans. Chevrolet made a commercial about it and I know many of you still have the racing poster that commemorates that win.

Oliver’s 2nd race he chose was the photo finish in 2016 at Daytona between the two Corvettes. The picture at the top may have given that answer away!

The final race I picked correctly was the 2017 12 Hours of Sebring where Antonio’s epic stint in the dark with two hours to go seal the win.

Jan was the outlier for me as he named “Le Mans” as his favorite wins. No disrespect to Jan, but I tend to remember more of the races he didn’t finish like the 2009 battle with Porsche at Monterey where he was forced into the wall by Joerg Bergmeister on the final straight. That was one of the best 10 minutes in sportscar racing ever!

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