[VIDEO] Young YouTuber Goes Nuts Over C8 Corvette at a Gas Station: ‘You Hear That Whistling?!’


[VIDEO] Young YouTuber Goes Nuts Over C8 Corvette at a Gas Station: 'You Hear That Whistling?!'

Photo Credits: MotorTube / YouTube

It’s no secret that GM is hoping to inspire a new generation of Corvette ownership with the upcoming C8 Corvette and we are already seen some great reactions to the mid-engine Corvette from those in the younger demographics.

Here’s a video that is sure to please those on the Corvette Team as a Mustang-driving YouTuber comes face to face with the C8 Corvette at a gas station.

The video comes from MotorTube on YouTube and the Corvette action starts around 12:50.

[VIDEO] Young YouTuber Goes Nuts Over C8 Corvette at a Gas Station: 'You Hear That Whistling?!'

The C8 Corvette clip shows the mid-engine at a gas station and our YouTuber is all out of breath as he says he ran across the street to catch it on video.

“We got the C8…wow” he exclaims as he begins to walk around the car. “Boy this thing looks like a Ferrari!” he says. As a few others are walking around the car, he tells them, “You know the engine is in the back, right?”.

[VIDEO] Young YouTuber Goes Nuts Over C8 Corvette at a Gas Station: 'You Hear That Whistling?!'

The driver of the prototype comes out and gets in the car, and our YouTuber positions himself at the rear to hear the start-up. As the car is running, we capture a quick view of the digital dash lit up. As he takes a peek inside the car, he says “You can see a little bit of the dash…it looks super sick!”

One of the other onlookers says it has two brakes on the back and the YouTuber says, “Oh, like the McLarens…yeah, like the supercars!” he says. (We believe that second brake caliper is for the emergency brakes.)

One more time, he says “Dude, this thing literally looks like a Ferrari!”

[VIDEO] Young YouTuber Goes Nuts Over C8 Corvette at a Gas Station: 'You Hear That Whistling?!'

The driver of the C8 Corvette is done recording his fuel stop and starts to pull out. We see the production taillights under the cloth camo and then the big surprise is revealed. “It’s leaving,” he says and then you can hear a distinct whistle sound coming from the car. “You hear that! You hear that! You hear that whistling?” he yells and then chuckles and says “he just scrapped” and the car pulls onto the road and heads out into the night.

Back in May, we featured another video of a younger guy who sees the C8 on the road and he also says “It looks like a Ferrari”. Yep, it looks like the C8 Corvette is sure to cause disruption in the supercar marketplace, especially when these “whistling” C8 Corvettes become available!

MotorTube / YouTube

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  1. If the C8 appeals to a younger customer base, does that mean we won’t be seeing any C8’s
    at the local Senior Center ? LOL

  2. Jeff, I am among the [sort of] younger group aiming to get into a C8. Younger as in under 45. Unfortunately, I have had some issues in this pursuit.

    I reached out to one of the prominent Corvette dealers out there, one of the few that started taking ‘deposits’ a little over 2 months back. I spoke to a salesman, asking about any and all incentives, military discounts, etc. He didn’t seem to take me seriously one bit, despite the fact that I let him know I have effectively already secured financing and have a great trade-in. When I revealed that I had a perfectly maintained ’13 BMW 335is coupe for a trade in, he asked the mileage. When I stated the car had only 41,375 on the odometer, he snapped back by saying: “I wasn’t asking how many miles were on it when you bought it, I want to know current mileage”. I stated the number again, adding that I bought the car brand new, and drove it off the floor at BMW Welt in Munich in mid-2013 while I was stationed out that way for a few years. He then asked if this was some kind of prank call. I cut him off, stated that I was obviously wasting his time, and that he was surely wasting mine, and hung up.

    Later that afternoon, I found out who the sales manager was at this particular and popular Corvette dealer on the east coast, obtained his email address, and sent him a full & extremely respectful account about my experience and my total disgust at the situation. Hoping that he would take this incident seriously, I left the door open to him contacting me in an attempt to make this right and salvage a sale of this great car-to-be for his dealership.

    To this day, I have never received that call. Not even a reply to my email (although I did receive confirmation that he indeed opened the message).

    In order to protect the reputation of this particular dealership (I know you guys are reading this), I will withhold names and other particulars.

    Disappointing? Absolutely. However this incident hasn’t deterred me one bit. Just because I apparently failed to meet this particular dealership’s unwritten criteria of holding an AARP membership and being a current owner as a condition of becoming a Corvette client doesn’t mean that I’ll settle for a Camaro or a used Corvette. I will simply keep searching for a serious dealer who wants to do business with a serious client.

    End of Rant.

    In the famous words of Wayne Campbell on “Wayne’s World”…

    “She will be mine… Oh yes, she WILL be mine!”


  3. Dude, widen your vocabulary! The word “Sick” has been dead since OC choppers went off the air. How many times do you need to say, “Ferrari”? Hey better speaking skills, it Will help in your long run.

  4. Brian L, you should’ve posed the name of the Chevrolet dealership that finds such treatment of Car buyers to be even remotely acceptable. Then when this dealership has to discount their cars in order to sell them while others manage to get over sticker (although only a fool would ever pay over sticker for any car no matter how rare it may happen to be), they’ll understand it’s because they’ve disrespected their customers. That’s NEVER OKAY. Frankly though, as a Corvette owner, I’ll gladly pass on the new C8. The advantage of the Corvette over every other sports car is the ability to carry enough luggage to actually go on a real trip, not just an overnight stay somewhere. The car ALREADY HAS A 50/50 WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION, so moving the engine to the rear isn’t going to improve the car’s handling one bit over anything that could’ve already been done with the engine being left up front (it was already behind the front axles), and the transmission was ahead of the rear axles. Ferrari has both front and rear engine cars and both handle equally terrific. But with the engine towards the front, there’s room for a larger passenger compartment plus space for real luggage. The front of a rear engine car still requires too many components up front to make up for the luggage area lost when putting the engine in the back. Other than selling Corvettes to wannabe Ferrari owners, I see no possible advantage in moving the engine to the rear that’s not already easily been offset by using modern technology.

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