[SPIED] Man Sees the C8 Corvette on the Street and Exclaims ‘It Looks Like a Ferrari’!


[SPIED] Man Sees the C8 Corvette on the Street and Exclaims 'It Looks Like a Ferrari'!

Photo Credit: Adam Hamade / YouTube

As the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette racks up validation miles on public streets, more and more car enthusiasts are blown away after seeing it for themselves. And that’s despite the fact that the car is still wrapped up with the camouflage doing its job of defusing the car’s final looks until the reveal on 07.18.19.

Already there is a ton of hype behind the new Corvette and it’s going to reach a fever pitch by the time of the reveal in July. I like to tell people that those who own exotic sports cars from McLaren, Ferrari, and Lamborghini are about to be “verbally assaulted” by those who don’t know cars asking them if that’s the new Corvette. I also say there will come a time when the mid-engine Corvette will make up the majority of exotic sports car sightings as GM has already told us they plan on running two shifts to support production of the car. That mean’s about 40,000 or so in its first calendar year…

But let’s get back to this video for a moment.

Here’s a young guy who spots the mid-engine Corvette prototype at a stop light and starts filming the car as it’s waiting to turn onto a side street. His enthusiasm shines through the video as he says “Look how badass that is, like a McLaren! It’s like a Ferrari!”

Chevrolet is hoping the C8 Corvette brings in a younger crop of buyers who previously shied away from the front-engine Corvette and its reputation as an “old guys” car. I think this guy’s emotional outburst is exactly the kind of reaction Chevrolet is hoping for with the next-generation Corvette.

Adam Hamade / YouTube

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  1. Excellent post. The Corvette community needs more of this!! Hat tip to the filmer and his buddy!!

  2. Looks like a Ferrari? Sadly, that is the biggest problem with mid engine sports cars. To the untrained eye, they all look the same and take the emblems off and you’d have a lot of car enthusiast scratching their heads.

  3. Yeah I’m an old guy to. And I understand GM wanting to grab more of the younger group, but I have to ask what younger group can/will be able to afford this? I believe the ones who want to show off their money and that’s fine they earned it and should spend it how they see fit. But their most likely not true enthusiast. Ok so for me the old guy, the description in the video by the young man filming (looks like a McLaren or Ferrari) is reason enough why I would not purchase one. I would however invest half the cost into a droveable C2 or early C3, and enjoy my days driving.

  4. I honestly think this is a step in the right direction. Sure, it will be more expensive than the C7, but not by much (if the rumors are true). So while it might end up being expensive for a “normal” Corvette, it’ll be a freaking bargain for a mid-engine sports car. This was definitely a wise choice by GM, and while this change might upset most “purists”, it was a necessary change. And, it was the only way they could keep the Corvette relevant, and I applaud them for it.

  5. To me the roof looks lower and if the C8 is like most Mid Engine cars, it’s not going to be easy to get in and out of, so if true, those old guys with the money to buy one may well be turned off by the pain of getting in and out of the C8. Also, just how far back will the seat travel be? Will people over six foot tall be able to get the seat back far enough to fit? Then you have to consider how much room you have for a couple of bags for over nite travel. The C6 and C7 has spoiled the Corvette owners by having plenty of space to pack. Will the Corvette retreat back to the days of the C2 and C3 lack of storage room?

  6. I am over 70, have had 14 Vettes over the last years, every model from C3 to C7.

    There have always been complaints with ever generation change people who want the car to stay the dance forever vs those who applaud the evolution and design advancements necessary to keep the car alive and relevant.

    Just look at the sales numbers over the life span of each generation. By the ebbs of the run sales are maybe 50% of the peak years and decreasing.

    That alone should explain why the car must evolve to survive.

    And not just tweaks and superficial improvements or even higher- powered models like the Z06 or ZR1, but major leaps forward to what is the latest NEW CORVETTE.

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