[Spied] Harlan Charles Spotted Behind the Wheel of a C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Prototype


[Spied] Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles Spotted Behind the Wheel of a C8 Mid-Engine Prototype

We see these videos of C8 Corvettes driving around all over the place and we always wonder how fun it would be to be on the inside of what’s going on. In this instance, we found the ultimate insider, Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles, zipping along on I94 in a camouflaged mule.

It’s one of those short and sweet videos that lasts a whopping 11-seconds. Just long enough for the original poster Steelmesh to grab his phone, hit record, and then capture the C8 as he passes it by.

Our eagle-eyed friend and contributor Jeremy Welborn noted something else in this video. Check out the driver’s side mirror and you can see it’s illuminated with the amber-colored Blind Zone Alert which seems to confirm that the C8 Corvettes will offer that option along with the Lane Departure warnings that are available on other GM models.

Seriously, we know the Corvette team is working overtime to bring enthusiasts a world-class sports car worthy of the Corvette name. There is probably no one looking forward to the reveal on 07.18.19 as much as Harlan as then they can shed much of the secrecy and the everyday hassles that come with it and get down to bringing the next-generation Corvette to market.

Update – Spied Again!

Harlan Charles Driving the C8 Corvette

Steelmesh / YouTube

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  1. Looks like the side air scoop is identified as the camouflage is giving it’s secret away.

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