[SPIED] A Round-Up of Videos and Pics of the C8 Corvette this Week From Detroit to the Nurburgring


[SPIED] Video and Pics of the C8 Corvette this Week From Detroit to the Nurburgring

Photo Credit: John Keep

Under two weeks to go to the C8 Corvette Reveal in Tustin, CA. and we are finding more and videos and pictures of the 2020 Corvette as they are being tested out in public from Detroit to the Nurburgring. Most of these videos were curated by everyone’s favorite Corvette_Nut on the CorvetteForum.

There have been a bunch of great sightings this week with that 12-minute video of the C8s on the track being one of the best C8 Corvette videos to date in our opinion. Here’s a couple more ‘ring videos that are much shorter in duration but just as loud:

Now we return to the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave for this next batch of sightings. It’s always handy to have a passenger that can film so that the driver can just drive. It’s much safer and usually results in a very clear and steady video like this:

Shhhhh. This C8 Corvette has engaged silent mode, so be very quiet. Corvette_Nut comments that “Mid Engine Corvettes Should Only Be Seen. Not Heard.”

Lights on for safety, this wing-less C8 Corvette gives us a hint of the LT2 under the hatch as we get to hear a bit of exhaust note.

John Keep shared some C8 Corvette photos previously with us and today he shared this one captured by a friend. It’s a great shot of the C8 Corvette and this photo is one of the best we’ve seen of a Corvette wearing the Bright Silver Five Open Spoke Wheels (RPO Q8P).

C8 Corvette with Bright Silver 5-Spoke Wheels

Just a C8 Corvette driving in the rain. They don’t melt!

C8 Corvette in the Rain

This last photo is an older one that dates back to just after the NYC drive. However, our friend John at the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com recently noted that it looks like a side rocker panel is exposed. The car also has a front chin spoiler like those running on the Nurburgring. I took another look at the cars at the Nurburgring this week and they do not have a rocker panel like this one (see below). Could it be for a next-level C8?

C8 Corvette Rocker Panel


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