[VIDEO] Chevrolet Shares a New C8 Corvette Teaser Called ‘True Colors’


[VIDEO] Chevrolet Shares a New C8 Corvette Teaser Called 'True Colors'

These are exciting times for Corvette enthusiasts and within the last twelve hours we’ve seen a leaked photo of the C8 Corvette and received an update from Chevrolet about the official reveal livestream.

As if that’s not enough C8 Corvette news to go around today, Chevrolet has also dropped a new teaser video to support the reveal of the 2020 Corvette in Tustin, CA on 07.18.19.

Chevrolet calls the teaser “It’s Almost Time to Reveal Its True Colors” and features a montage of C8 Corvette prototypes driving on various roads including the Nurburgring.

In addition to some historic Corvettes scattered throughout, we also see the “Zora Heads” superimposed in various colors on the historic cars as well as the roads in the video. When the C8 drives over them, they light up like a video game. Going back to the start of the video, we counted nine Zora Heads surrounded in different colors that will be offered on the car. At the very end, we see a Red Zora Head, and then three uncolored Zora Heads which we believe represent the three new colors for the 2020 Corvette.

Unlike the last teaser video that focused solely on the historic Corvettes, this teaser incorporates scenes from the past as well as video of the next-generation Corvette doing its work on the track.

Some of the historic images include the 1963 Corvettes, the rear fin of the Corvette SR2, as well as Corvette’s first chief engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov standing next to the CERV 1 concept which the mid-engine research vehicle used to test new technologies. We also see the 1954 Motorama Corvettes which included the Coupe, Convertible and the fastback model that was never produced.

As we’ve had a chance to spend more time with today’s teaser, we found that Chevrolet actually posted the individual video montages separately at Instagram in this grid format. Two of the C8-specific videos are longer than what they appear in the video above. The first embedded video below shows the C8 Corvette at the Nurburgring while the second embedded video shows the car at VIR:

[VIDEO] Chevrolet Shares a New C8 Corvette Teaser Called 'True Colors'

We’ve mentioned previously the placement of the “Zora Head” stickers on the NYC Corvette. As they are becoming more prominent in the marketing as this teaser shows, I have included this graphic of the Black Zora Head should you wish to download it and use it as an avatar. Just right-click and select Save As…

Zora Arkus-Duntov

An interesting side-note about use of Zora in the C8 model rollout. I read in the press release today about the reveal livestream that Chevrolet refers to Zora as the “Father of the Corvette”. This has been a subject debated many times as it’s always been our opinion that the iconic GM Style Chief Harley J. Earl was actually the “Father of the Corvette” as the car was his idea from the start. Zora came on after the car started production and he’s the crazy Russian uncle that turned the tame 6-cylinder two-seater into a world-class sports car.

Chevrolet / Facebook

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  1. Harley Earl came to Watkins Glen, New York and saw the foreign sports cars racing after WWII and thought we should have an American sports car too. He later brought an early prototype Corvette to the town to gauge interest.

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