[VIDEO] New C8 Corvette Teaser Doesn’t Show Any C8s…


[VIDEO] New C8 Corvette Teaser Doesn't Show Any C8s...

I guess we still need to look back before going forward. That’s our take from the third teaser video dropped by Chevrolet to help promote the next generation Corvette.

Called “A Timeless Car”, this 15-second video shares quick cuts of Corvettes that most likely comes from earlier promotional materials while a vintage voice-over says the following:

The men who designed this had fun. And the builders and the testers had fun. And while it’s never going to take the place of the family car, I for one, am going to have a lot of fun owning it.”

The previous two teaser videos also featured historic videos and fast custs, but at least there was some kind of acknowledgment about the C8 Corvette. The first video teaser was very good but then Chevrolet let an entire month go by before sharing the second teaser which essentially recapped the first one.

So far I’ll admit to being somewhat disappointed with the promotional rollout leading up to the biggest change in Corvette’s 67 year history. Chevy has only 20 more days until the reveal of the C8 Corvette so there still time to knock our socks off leading up to 07.18.19!

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  1. For Corvette taking a completely new direction via a ME platform, it sure seems peculiar that they are focusing so much on the past in their marketing thus far.

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