LEAKED: Here is the Rear End of the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette


[PIC] LEAKED: Here is the Rear End of the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette

A photo of the C8 Mid-Engine has leaked online showing a tight shot of the rear of the car.

The image was posted tonight on the Corvette Forum (and on instagram) via a user named AbsolutHank who says he found it on Facebook. He asks if it “seems legit?”

We think it is…

The image shows an Elkhart Lake Blue 2020 Corvette wearing the wing spoiler with the blow-thru section in the middle. It appears to be the same as what we’ve seen on the Nurburgring Corvettes that are currently testing there as well as the original spoiler that was spied in the plant’s paint shop back in 2017.

[SPIED] Mid Engine C8 Corvette's Front and Rear Body Panels Spotted in Corvette Factory's Paint Shop

We finally see the production taillight design which shows a white lens similar to the C7 Z06/ZR1 taillamps as well as how the red lenses appear to point to each side. They look very close to the lights we saw on the C8.R testing at Sebring and we also know from several mule spottings that they will have sequential turn signals.

The bottom portion of the rear fascia is finished in mostly likely Carbon Flash (Black) much like the C7 Corvettes and it does seem to add more contrast to the two sections.

At the very bottom is the two exhaust ports per side on each corner. The mules have shown that there is some kind of venting that runs in the middle between the exhaust ports but it’s hard to see much detail here.

The location of the car in the photos is also curious and as we spy the yellow chain and red lift, we have to think that they were taken from within the assembly plant.

It’s a shame that the photo has leaked and we have to wonder if this is a one-time occurrence or if other photos will follow. Although some sort of leak is always expected this close to the reveal, we kind of feel like the kid that has slightly unwrapped a present the night before Christmas to have a peak of what’s inside. Sure we’re excited, but once seen you cannot unsee it.

Merry Christmas in July, America!

Corvette Forum

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  1. Daniel Dues….
    Chevrolet’s C8 is far from aggressive looking compared to a number of other available mid-engine sports cars. That said, what people are saying with respect to this rear-clip C8 picture is it looks awfully similar to the current Camaro’s rear section. I truly want to love the C8 and maybe in due time I will. Just a little disappointed with what GM has decided to go forward with considering the significance of this Zora centric Corvette.

  2. Got the email from Mid Engine Corvette website, and the conversation in that forum also said that the side scoops are way off in the final design. I am indisputably excited for the changes as I know Zora Duntov-Arcus’
    dream is finally coming around, but I’m also disappointed that this sneak shot of even just the rear end got out.

  3. dealers will be GOUGING the heck out of them. you can steal a c7 now if you can stand looking at it………

  4. So, a lot of negative judgement about a fantastic ride from a hip shot photo in a paint booth? Naysayers said that about the C7 when they saw the new style taillights… I think the C8 is going to be a great moment in Corvette history.

  5. c8 is not ugly, it’s fugly! Screwed the pooch on this one with cheapoblooking camaro rear tail, cab too forward and most likely tailored to drivers under 6 foot. Completely missed the mark. Sad last decent vette was C6 before that the 68/69 and the best was 1967. But the C8 will be a stinker and probably really gonna suck to work on.

  6. I’ll be driving forward looking at the hood and front of the car. Not the rear end. Let others look at the rear of the car

  7. It looks like a Chevy made by GM. The C6 was the only year that they had a great looking rear end imho.
    This looks like a bad dream in a nightmare video game.

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