[VIDEO] New C8 Corvette Rendering by 2ncs Features a Spooky Soundtrack


[VIDEO] New C8 Corvette Rendering by 2ncs Features a Spooky Soundtrack

We’re giving props to the designer of this new C8 Corvette video rendering that’s being shared by enthusiasts on the forums and social media. Although we first saw it without attribution, we tracked down the original on instagram via 2ncs

The new ME render features a front-end with a vent at the top of the hood/frunk before it slopes down into a point. The pointed stance gives the car a more aggressive look as the lines around the car converge at the rear while a body color wing spoiler sits up high. The black ZR1 wheels totally fill the space under the wheel arches and we also see a black chin spoiler up front as well.

For whatever reason, the video has spy camera overlay theme with words “SPY CAM 04” and a date/time stamp of “10.06.19 16:05” along the top. Sound effects include barking (guard?) dogs which you can hear someone hushing at them or cursing under their breath for getting caught. I guess it’s to give the impression that someone caught a sneak peek of the car in a secure location and then the guards released the hounds?

It’s sort of reminiscent of that parking lot encounter we had the other night. Except for the dogs…

Anyways, we enjoyed this different take on the 2020 Corvette and hope you do as well.

Here’s the video from 2ncs on Instagram:

2ncs / Instagram

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  1. At last, somebody put a vent in the front of the C8 – now maybe it won’t do a backflip at high speed with some pressure relief upfront!

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