[PIC] New C8 Corvette Rendering from ZoraC2 and the Mid Engine Corvette Forum


[PIC] New C8 Corvette Rendering from ZoraC2 and the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com

A new member to the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com named ZoraC2 has shared his first render of the C8 Corvette as he envisions.

Here’s his comments on the render:

Here is what I feel the production C8 will look like, specifically around the front end and sides. It took a good number of hours but I believe this captures what we will see on the production car. Athletic, pinched waistline which transitions seamlessly into the side ducts. Broad Shoulders. The front end would have an aggressive stance, a perfect blend between chiseled edges and smooth curves. I spec’d it out in a production fashion.

  • Carbon Roof Panel Option
  • Carbon Flash painted Air Dam, Front Splitter, Ground Effects, and Spoiler
  • Side Vent will be a continuous curve before it hooks back
  • Front hood will not have so many tension lines. One arch leading into each headlight and a pair to form the “V”. A scalloped area between both.
  • Headlight shape is curved at both ends pointed at the front blunt at the end

7-18 can’t come soon enough! Anyhow, hope you like my rendering. Any thoughts or comments? LMK!

Click here to see a larger version of this new C8 Corvette rendering from ZoraC2.

There’s a lot of nice little subtleties in the render and I really like the lower door and scoop elements. The matte red stands out here as a render but we know it will never see a production Corvette as long as Torch Red is around.

Like what you see? Let us know in the comments below or jump over to the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com and talk with like-minded enthusiasts about the next generation Corvette!


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  1. A very good rendering of the C-8 Corvette! It’s amazing that so many old timer just can’t accept the future of the Corvette program, if you go back to the C-1 (1953 -1962) and compare it to the C-7 (2014 – 2019) the only thing shared is the NAME – the total Corvette program is dedicated to high technology, performance, dominance, and styling. Zora use to say “ we build these cars for you to drive and enjoy,” get them out of the garages in on the highway! Save the Wave and the future.

  2. Changes are good particularly when technology and design facilitate our daily driving, some will complain and refuse to accept the new but in time all is good and well accepted. If GM build them, we will drive them.

  3. Why do some renderings show a pointy front end and some do not. Can’t anyone from Corvette eliminate the “guessing” concerning to what this will actually look like!!!

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