[VIDEO] Virtual C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Walkaround in Chazcron’s Driveway is the Coolest Thing Ever


[VIDEO] Virtual C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Walkaround in Chazcron's Driveway is the Coolest Thing Ever

Our friend Chazcron has been amazing us over the last few months with his realistic renders of the C8 Corvette in real world settings. We’ve shared his pics of a group shot rendered downtown, and even a Blue C8 rendered on Kerbeck’s lot.

But with his latest videos now out, Chazcron has truly outdone himself.

After working on it all week, Chazcron shared these two video renders of a C8 Mid-Engine Corvette coupe park in Long Beach Red parked in his actual driveway. As he walks up the driveway, the C8 Corvette appears to be very real as the camera tracks the rendered model. It’s like you’re taking a virtual walkaround of the car.

Seriously, this will be the coolest thing you’ll see all day!

From Charles Cronley, aka Chazcron on YouTube:

This is my first attempt to camera track my Corvette model into live footage. There was one little hiccup. Totally worth it.

And here it is with the rear end highlighted:

After some of the guys on the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com showed their appreciation for the videos, Chazcron replied with the following:

Thanks, guys. It is a great hobby and a labor of love. I posted to my Facebook and Instagram, facetiously calling it “my new Corvette” and my cousin asked me if I was bringing it up this summer. I said it only carries two virtual golf bags.

I would love to monetize this hobby, but the number of hours I’ve put into it (over 500) would never offset its actual value. Maybe I should have started a GoFundMe.

That was another great render video and again, it just feels so real to see it there in his driveway. This may be one of our best “virtual” looks at the next-generation Corvette until the 07.18.19 reveal.

What are your thoughts on this latest C8 Corvette rendering? Let us know in the comments below!

Charles Cronley / YouTube

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  1. Can a render truly be considered beautiful if the subject matter is less than appealing? After all the videos, renders and spy photos it remains difficult to feel excited about Chevrolet’s new C8. Still loving the C7, yep I’m biased. I do give full prompts to Cronley’s art work!!! Maybe just maybe Chevrolet has us all fooled…

  2. That is incredible… Chazcron, you are just what GM needs in their design studio!

  3. This is amazing! I can really appreciate someone who has combined his passion for art with his love for the Corvette. IMHO, the C8 is different from what we Corvette lovers are used to, and yet it is growing on me by the day!

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