[SPIED] Extreme Close-Up of a Parked 2020 Corvette on Woodward Avenue


[VIDEO] Extreme Close-Up of a Parked 2020 Corvette on Woodward Avenue

It seems a little early for Detroit’s Woodward Dream Cruise, but maybe someone on the Corvette team is just excited and wanted to get an early start. After all, good parking is a premium at the world’s largest automotive cruise.

What would you do if you came across a C8 Corvette in a dark parking lot. Why…you would pull out your phone and do a walk around video as a user on YouTube named Jacob Daniel did as he spotted the uncovered prototype on Woodward Ave in Detroit.

The user comments how the front end design doesn’t allow them to see the body of the car because of “all the things they threw on it” to keep it hidden. As he attempts to look through the windshield, his light reflects back and blocks our view but you can hear him say that everything inside was also covered up. He gives us a good look at the wheels and brake rotors and the car is wearing a rear wing spoiler that he doesn’t really spend much time looking at.

But things get real interesting as he heads around to the side scoop and peers inside.

[VIDEO] Extreme Close-Up of a Parked 2020 Corvette

It’s quite large when viewed from that angle and inside the opening is blocked by a huge cooling radiator. At the very top of the photo above, you can make out what we think is the door release handle that’s tucked up under the scoop’s curve on the door itself.

Here’s the video and we appreciate Jacob sharing it. I will also say that we are quite impressed that the user only looked over the vehicle without touching it. Well done!

Jacob Daniel / YouTube

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  1. Cant see much yet looking inside the side scoop ….looks closed and totally fake from the video…yet its really hard to tell.

    Less than 40 days and we will know all.

    Thanks for posting up.

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