[SPIED] Pretty Soon the C8 Corvettes Will be Everywhere…


[SPIED] Pretty Soon the C8 Corvettes Will be Everywhere...

Pretty soon the C8 Corvettes will be everywhere. But for now, they are unicorns that only exist in Bowling Green, Detroit, and where ever a convoy of development prototypes may be headed.

If I was one of the chosen ones to be driving a C8 Corvette right now, I’d be smiling too!

This is a special time as we know the next-generation Corvette exists, but we do not know any official information about it yet. That is why we share just about every “in the wild” photo and video we come across. We know that you, like us, also have an insatiable appetite for all things related to the C8 Corvette.

These pics come from Corvette_Nut via the Corvette Forum who has been busy doing his own cataloging of C8s in the wild. These look like they come from Bowling Green as well and Mr. Nut is sharing three photos and quick video that he uploaded to YouTube:

Pretty Soon the C8 Corvettes Will be Everywhere...

Pretty Soon the C8 Corvettes Will be Everywhere...

Pretty Soon the C8 Corvettes Will be Everywhere...

And here is your “quick” video for the day!

Corvette Forum

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  1. Oh Gee GM will bend over backwards for their new customers when those C8 break down! As far as us C7 G S and ZO6 owners with bad faulty wheels ( not covering their junk under warranty, I say CLASS ACTION! ), They just throw us has-beens under the bus. That’s what I get for almost 40 years of loyalty!!!!!!!!

  2. Cough, cough, but Tadge said the wheels are ok and it’s just because GM is just selling more GS’s and Z06’s than usual so that’s why there are so many wheels being reported defective, cough, cough.

    Quote from Tadge;
    The question postulates a “rash” of wheel failures. Our field data does not suggest a recent significant increase in the wheel damage rate on our cars. There may be more reports of damage than historically, but, between the Z06 and Grand Sport, we are selling lots more wide-wheel cars than we ever have before. More cars on the road means more chance of hitting something in the road.

  3. Not sure if it’s just me but it looks like the camouflage behind the rear wheel and higher up on the quarter panel is hiding something. Looks like the Camo is not sitting flat, or on a flat surface. I noticed it more on other recent videos, especially the acceleration video with the exhaust sound. If anyone else notices this, please reply. Thanx

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