[SPIED] C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Accelerates on the Highway and It Sounds Fantastic!


[SPIED] C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Accelerates on the Highway and It Sounds Fantastic!

Photo Credit: Ace1260 / YouTube

Hear’s a great C8 Mid-Engine Corvette video we’ve been waiting to see (and hear)!

A guy on YouTube named Ace1260 came up on the next-generation Corvette in the middle lane on a three-lane highway in Detroit and got a proper video. Not only did they have their phone held sideways, but they also turned off the radio and lowered the window to capture the exhaust note from the C8 prototype that we estimate was probably traveling the speed limit if not a bit slower due to traffic.

The driver of the mid-engine prototype may not have seen the cameraman in a truck who was rolling up on him on his left side as we see and hear the C8 Corvette suddenly accelerate and move over to the right lane. Luckily, our driver that doing the filming also accelerates and we have this wonderful side view of the C8 headed down the road.

We’ve been told that that the prototype drivers are careful in most instances not to make known the performance potential of the cars on the streets. In this case, the C8 driver was already traveling at speed when he accelerated and moved over and with the open window, that sound was captured perfectly. You’ll want to turn up your speakers for this one!

Big thanks to Ace1260 via YouTube for the video:

Does that exhaust note from the C8 give you a warm feeling inside? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Ace1260 / YouTube

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  1. It does sound good but seems to be missing that deep throaty sound of a V8, maybe this sound will grow on me like so many things have as the Corvette has grown through the Generations/Years. Has anyone figured out why the Mid Engine Corvette appears to have 2 Calipers on the rear wheels?

  2. Yes, watched many times, red calipers real eye catcher. I asked if anyone knew why (or IF) the Mid Engine Vette has 2 calipers on the rear, anyone know?

  3. The extra caliper is more than likely for the electric parking break. My Tesla has two on the back for that same very reason

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