[PIC] C8 Mid-Engine Corvettes Rendered in Group Shot by Chazcron


[PIC] C8 Mid-Engine Corvettes Rendered in Group Shot by Chazcron

Corvettes are like magnets in the sense that they seem to congregate together whenever the opportunity arises. Cruise-Ins, car shows, and even workplace parking lots will find like-minded enthusiasts parking next to each other. With strength and security in numbers, Corvette owners parking next to each other is a trend that we doubt will stop anytime soon.

Our friend Chazcron had similar thoughts and rendered this city picture of four C8 Mid-Engine Corvettes in various colors parked properly on a rooftop lot. Seeing the cars rendered in a “real-life” environment helps our brains bring the fantasy to life in our opinion and Chazcron continues to do it so well.

Chazcron also offers this new render of the C8 that shows a photoshopped LT2 tucked into the engine compartment. He continues to make tweaks here and there and in this case, he made the following changes:

I flattened the edge of the A-pillar, across the top of the window and down the edge of the rear window, Mine was too rounded for too long. You can see it in the top white highlight. The engine and the turn signal in the taillight is still photoshopped.

C8 Corvette Rendered by Chazcron

Chazcron via the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com

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