[PIC] C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Rendered by HanbinDesign


[PIC] C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Rendered by HanginDesign

This new C8 Corvette rendered by @HanbinDesign has been making the rounds on the forums and Facebook this week and it’s blowing people’s minds. I think we pretty much have an idea of how the 2020 Corvette looks from other designers who based their drawings on the spy photos available, but this design is awesome if for nothing else than showing the fun designers can have when imagining the new Corvette.

You also have to wonder just what Kirk Bennion and the Corvette designers will have in store for the C8’s Z06 and ZR1 or ZORA models. Remember how killer the C7 Stingray was by itself and then a year later we were all in awe as the much more performance oriented Z06 arrived on the stage! And then we were blown away again at the outrageous aero on the ZR1s! I imagine that’s a cycle that about to repeat with the C8s.

So take this render for what it is, and know that the Corvette team is already preparing to knock our socks off for the next three to four years as each new C8 model is rolled out. It’s going to be the gift that keeps on giving!!

@HanbinDesign / Instagram

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  1. I think Hanbin Design should be working on Mound Rd. Warren, Michigan by the looks of that rendering, and they show it with the most striking color…Shadow Blue (Lynndale Blue).

  2. This is also my favorite rendering by far. I just haven’t been totally impressed with all the other renderings I’ve seen. I could only wish and hope that the C8 would look this!

  3. Like others posting I said the same thing. It can’t look this good right???? No pointed door vent. Rear fenders smoothed down some and a little rounded. And still looks like a Corvette in enough areas to know what it is.

  4. All comments make outstanding points but has anyone put a overlay of a Bugatti Veyron SS over the C-8. The air flow from the front and sides are so close and that rendering of shape is NOT accidental. Now if the car performs even substandard it will run like a bat out of HELL!!!! Would love a ride from the future and be able to tell all that the US still makes lighting bolts. So look fast or you will miss the future!

  5. I agree. Best of what I Hope the C8 will look like. I fear, it Won’t look like this… 🙁

  6. This is my favorite one. I have liked the other renderings by Chazcron, but this is the best. It looks so cool. Whether the C8 ends up looking like Chazcron’s or this new picture, it don’t think I will be disappointed.

  7. Every render I see has the side scoops way out of line with what all the spy pictures show. this one is long and narrow, Others are shaped like V’s. The actual pics look kinda boxey (which I don’t like) and hopefully GM hasa them disguised and they really do ennd up looking like the renderings

  8. The Absolute Best Ive See ! You Guys Better Hope This is What They Have Been Covering Up !!
    Instead Of That Shark Nosed Ugly Rear ended .. other Render They Have Been Showing us Daily !!!~
    No Disrespect Meant To The Other renders ! But when It Comes To Vett’s !
    No Sissy Looking !.. Girly Man Cars Allowed !!~

  9. THIS is the one I’m going to guess will be rendered in for the GS, Z06, ZR1, and the Zora. If not, maybe the C9 will be this crazy gorgeous. Thumbs up to Hanbin Design for an inspired vision.

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