[VIDEO] CorvetteBlogger Interviewed On Rick Conti’s Corvette VLOG


[VIDEO] CorvetteBlogger Interviewed On Rick Conti's Corvette VLOG

During the NCM Bash, I had the opportunity to meet with Corvette enthusiasts as I did two book signings for the NCM Corvette Store to support my book on Corvette Special Editions. At Friday’s book signing, I was interviewed by my good friend Rick ‘Corvette’ Conti from Coughlin Chevy in Pataskala, OH.

Rick asks me what my favorite Corvette Special Edition was and I think I named at least 7-10 different models over the years. It is so hard to pick just one, and now that I watched my response to his question, I had even more models come to mind that I wished I would have mentioned, specifically, the 2011 Z06 Carbon Editions, 2012 Centennials, and the 1986 Malcolm Konner Commemoratives with only 50 editions produced!

Rick and Keith at the NCM Bash

Rick and I go back at least 12 years or so and I mention some of those early memories of him doing this Corvette thing before anyone else ever thought to do it. Thanks again Rick for the opportunity to discuss my book on Corvette Special Editions!

If you enjoyed Rick’s VLOG, check out his YouTube channel and make sure you Like and Subscribe to it. His perspective as a Corvette dealer on YouTube is different than anybody else out there as he is not only is promoting himself and his dealership, but he is also representing the brand. We always enjoy his customer interviews, his takes on what’s happening in the Corvette world, and yes, his “zany” antics like wearing the camo’d suit at the Bash. Keep up the great work Rick!

If you are interested in a great Corvette book (just my humble opinion!), I am offering signed copies for $44.95 plus $5 shipping at www.CorvetteSpecialEditions.com or you can find it considerably cheaper at Amazon.com:

Corvette Special Editions

Rick ‘Corvette’ Conti / YouTube

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