[SPIED] New Detroit Spy Photos of the C8 Corvette Reveal New Details


[SPIED] New Detroit Spy Photos of the C8 Corvette Reveal New Details

Another batch of spy photos dropped yesterday and while we had to pass on buying them (we can’t buy them all!), we still wanted to make sure you know where you can see them and what the photos showed.

This particular C8 mid-engine Corvette prototype was captured most likely around GM’s Milford Proving Grounds. As we’ve previously discussed, the Detroit testing fleet runs without the heavy black cladding that we saw on the prototypes in San Diego and Yuma and therefore we are able to get a less-obstructed view of the details.

Take a moment and run over to our friends at Motor1.com to see the entire set of photos from Brian Williams.

One of the more interesting observations about this photo set is that the vinyl wrap covering the car doesn’t appear to be holding up too well, with the front fascia showing tears at the bottom and part of the covering over the top appears to have separated revealing the actual fascia under it. On each of the corners, the vents are revealed to show the same style of grill that has been featured on Corvettes since the 2015 Corvette Z06. It’s now one of those ubiquitous design elements that appear on just about every Chevrolet with a prominent front grill.

Most watchers agree that the lights on the front and back are now production-spec. The front headlights are taped off but do reveal the multi-matrix LED configuration with white LEDs running along the top and side of the cluster that serve as the Daytime Running Lights.

In the back, the taillights show some details we’ve never seen with some of the decorative design showing through small squares for each of the four lights. The spy photographer says the overall design direction of the taillights is highly reminiscent of the current, C7 Corvette – with taillight element featuring two vertical bars connecting a horizontal one.

Also changed since on this particular prototype is a toned-down version of the wing-spoiler that’s been seen over the last few months. In fact, we’ve seen multiple designs of the wing spoiler since our first good look at it on the Nurburgring cars so perhaps the Corvette design team is still working out those final details.

Also worth noting is that above the license plate appears to be a new trim piece that would house the lamps for illuminating the license plate at night, and it probably contains the latch mechanism for unlocking the rear hatch.

Did you see anything new in the photos that caught your eye? Let me know in the comments below!

Photos by Brian Williams/Spiedbilde

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