[SPIED] Caravan of Six C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Prototypes Spotted in Yuma


[SPIED] Caravan of Six C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Prototypes Spotted in Yuma

Photo Credit: George Kenner / YouTube

So a week ago we were all crazy over the return of the C8 Corvettes to Southern California after multiple sightings of the cars were reported in the San Diego area. Those sightings in California were huge for Corvette enthusiasts because after months of hearing about issues with the cars, to see them on the road again with Corvette Team Members Tadge Juechter, Harlan Charles and Alex MacDonald was a real sign that the program appears to be back on track.

A real estate professional named George Kenner captured six of the prototypes on Tuesday afternoon as they were driving in Yuma, Arizona. GM has a huge testing facility in Yuma, which is just 2-3 hours from San Diego via Interstate 8.

George does a lot of video for his real estate business and had his gear with him when he popped into a Jack in the Box for what looked like a very delicious hamburger. That pit stop was very fortuitous as once he got back on the road, he found himself smack in the middle of a C8 convoy heading north on AZ 95.

The Corvettes are heavily camouflaged as all the ones away from the Detroit area have been, not counting those at the Nurburgring. The video is crystal clear and he comments that he sees two brake calipers on the rear tires. It’s a feature that’s been widely discussed on the forums, but most believe one of the calipers is for the emergency brake.

Caravan of Six C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Prototypes Spotted in Yuma

George put together a great video of the encounter with the C8s, but in the middle of his story, he takes a moment to share his observations about the conduct of the GM employees in the test vehicles. Here’s your feel-good moment of the day:

“Each one of the guys in the cars that I was able to see all looked at me and smiled. There was no taking your clipboard and putting it up to the window, or trying to be rude. They were just all nice. You know, Chevrolet enthusiasts, Corvette enthusiasts, General Motors enthusiasts. They should be proud these guys are really happy to be doing what they’re doing. That says a lot for the car and the company.”

And speaking of being proud, is that Mark Reuss in the passenger seat of Car #5? Some have said this passenger bares a striking resemblance to the President of General Motors. Mark is also a Corvette enthusiast so if he is smiling, this is definitely good news!

As for the cars, we noticed the #5 car was a coupe while the #6 car was the hardtop convertible. At 3:11 in the video, George drives up next to the convertible at a stop light and you can somewhat see through the rear covering which shows the buttress on the driver’s side and part of the engine cover.

It’s a great feeling to see these C8 Corvette prototypes on the road. Each day that goes by is a day closer to the reveal, a day closer to ordering, and a day closer to the first customer deliveries of the new sports car. And we’ll continue to bring you the latest sightings all the way up until the cars are shipped to their new owners.

Did you see anything worth mentioning? Think that’s Mark Reuss in the passenger seat? Let us know in the comments below!

George Kenner / YouTube

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  2. It looks like Mark just brought politics into the conversation! Climate change is just a big cash grab. None of it’s supporters practice what they preach. Carbon credits, massive homes, using more energy than ten families combined, hypocrisy like you’ve never seen before! Mark, most liberals don’t drive Corvette’s, because they are too busy trying to get them outlawed like everything else they dislike or disagree with. So one would have to assume that many Corvette owners probably are conservatives, because they like America, and all things American. Unlike liberals who hate this country and everything associated with it.

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