[PIC] Corvette C8.R Rendered by the Corvette Forum


[PIC] Corvette C8.R Rendered by the Corvette Forum

Yesterday we talked about how Corvette Racing was sticking with the C7.R through the 2019 racing season. While many are disappointed with this news, we know that the Corvette Racing now has additional time to fully develop and test the car so that it will be ready to go when it finally gets the call.

Earlier this summer if you would have asked me when the C8 and C8.R would be released, I felt the LA Auto Show was the perfect time for the reveal as it would allow the C8.R to race the full 2019 IMSA schedule. But then came the bucket of cold water as we learned that due to other considerations including FIA homologation, the C7.R would be back in 2019.

By removing that deadline to get the C8.R out in public for racing for the 2019 season, the Corvette production team has been freed to launch the C8 production streetcar on their own schedule, with the race car to follow sometime later in the year. Whether that reveal happens sooner in Detroit, or perhaps later in New York is still anyone’s guess.

Corvette Racing has built at least one C8.R race car which was captured by spy photographers following the team’s race at Road America. We also heard rumors that the car also hit the track following Petit Le Mans. Those in the know who we have talked with say that the team is quite happy with their efforts so far.

Knowing how important the race program is to the overall Corvette program, our friends at the Corvette Forum have rendered what they think the C8.R might eventually look like. The render is most likely based off those Road America spy photos and we think it looks pretty good!

Like the C7.R race car, the C8.R expands the dimensions of the streetcar, making it wider and adding aggressive aerodynamics. This does add some weird proportions to the car, including a front fender which just seems to hang in place behind the front tires. The CF render also moved the exhaust ports to top of the rear engine compartment despite the spy photos that clearly shows the exhaust routed out the back. As this is the race car, I would have like to have seen it with the full race livery with the IMSA numbers on the door and Jake on the hood!

Click here to view a larger version of the C8.R race car from Corvette Forum. We’ve also included a few of the spy photos from the Road America test session for your reference.

[PIC] Corvette C8.R Rendered by the Corvette Forum

[PIC] Corvette C8.R Rendered by the Corvette Forum

[PIC] Corvette C8.R Rendered by the Corvette Forum

[PIC] Corvette C8.R Rendered by the Corvette Forum

Spy Photos Credit: Brian Willams / SpiedBilde


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  1. GM MAY shock us by running the c8 powertrain componets ,in a c7 mule !THE engine and trans are new,and require more development .

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