[PICS] Corvette C8.R Spy Photos Inspire New Renderings of the Mid-Engine Corvette


[PICS] Corvette C8.R Spy Photos Inspire New Renderings of the Mid-Engine Corvette

Those spy photos of the Corvette C8.R testing at Road America earlier this week are the gift that keeps on giving to Corvette enthusiasts. Not only did they give Corvette fans the best look yet at what may be the final design of the long-awaited mid-engine Corvette, but their release has given designers new insight now that more of the exterior was exposed.

With no heavy black camouflage to block the C8.Rs side coves and feature lines, several designers have gone to work to put all this new information into perspective with these new graphic renders which feature the C8.R and the Mid-Engine C8 Corvette.

[PICS] Corvette C8.R Spy Photos Inspire New Renderings of the Mid-Engine Corvette

Photo Credit: Brian Willams / SpiedBilde

This first new render was spotted this afternoon on Facebook puts the familiar Yellow and Black Corvette Racing livery on the C8.R and most of the comments from “Jake” fans who have seen it are pretty excited. We found it on FB being shared with the initials “ant” so if you know who the designer is, please let us know so we can update and link to them.

C8.R Design by ANT

Photo Credit: ant

The C8.R’s feature lines are sharp, and the wrap-around taillights are shown as well. The designer also did a great job of adding some shadows to the vents and side scoops which gives it a lot of depth. The lower portion of the C8.R which is black and would most likely contain elements of the aerodynamic features on the car. The familiar Corvette Racing dive planes on the front corners are there, as well as the large fixed rear wing and the lower rear diffuser.

Speaking of aerodynamics on the C8.R, make sure you check out the article from Marshall Pruett at RoadandTrack.com about the “Mid Engine Corvette Race Car’s Hidden Aero Secrets”.

The image we featured at the top of the page was done by FVS, a member of the MidEngineCorvetteForum whose expertise in design is well regarded on the dedicated ME site as well as at the Corvette Forum. FVS did the graphic headers and other ME C8 images for the Mid-Engine Corvette Forum and the new looks provided by the C8.R spy photos provided the inspiration to do an updated rendering.

Incorporated in the new render is months of work and refinement and includes what he knows about the C8 from the 10 leaked CAD drawings, the design of the front and rear fascia pictures photographed at the plant as well as very specific information from a couple of eye-witnesses. He will tell you that the actual car will look nicer than his renderings, and further refinements will be done once he is able to see the headlights, taillights, and hood. Well done, FVS!!

[PICS] Corvette C8.R Spy Photos Inspire New Renderings of the Mid-Engine Corvette

Here’s a render we found from the Instagram page of @CarLifestyle: 2020 mid-engine Corvette C8 Render.
Design by @carlifestyle #carlifestyle @gabe.design

Have you seen any new illustrations or renders of the Mid-Engine Corvette that are worth sharing? Let us know your favorites! Comment below or hit us up on Twitter and Facebook.

And of course you can find even more at the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com!


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  1. Looks like Lambo, Ferrari, McLaren, NSX, Ford GT clone – no disrespect as that is a compliment in my book – really what else can you do with a mid-engine design – Porsche 914 from the 70’s, the infancy of a production mid-engine design?

  2. How about a low cost 6 cylinder vette so I can get one. By the time I can afford one they’re 10 years old.

  3. Know if only the doors opened up like a McLaren .I would just die I would have to buy one at whatever the cost

  4. The more I see the more I think we will have to learn to speak German and Italian!!!

    I have absolutely no interest in or even look at the likes of lambo’s!

  5. I Really like the design of the current C7. It’s an amazing looking vehicle inside and out. Maybe after seeing the real C8, I’ll change my mind. But for now the C7 looks like a Vette and not a Lamborghini. I think GM may have gone to far over the top with the C8’s design. Just an opinion.

  6. THE CARLIFESTYLE C8 rendering is production ready drop dead good looking!STINGRAY/MANTA RAY LINES ARE THERE,as well as the VETTE SILOWETTE.

  7. Back IN 1985 GM bought Lotus and commissioned Corvette Indy,amid engine ttv8,with C5 VETTE LOOKS ! Under the hood, skin is a LOTUS /CORVETTE ALLOY CHASIS !NEVER though it see the day,but Duntovs Dream is here ,with Colin Chapmans help!

  8. Please all you nostalgic dinosaurs get over yourselves complaining about the mid engine design. It’s good to see GM wanting to become competitive.

  9. IN 1963 THE JAGUAR XK E upstaged the Corvette Stingray ,a major upset that THE LIFESTYLE C8 CAN REVERSE,finally KARMA !

  10. Not since Lance Reventlows Scarab one has an AMERICAN sportscar ,so well designed and developed stired the heart !

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