[VIDEO] Wheeler Dealers Go to Work on a C5 Corvette Z06


[VIDEO] Wheeler Dealers Go to Work on a C5 Corvette Z06

Of all the car shows the dominate TV today, one of our favorites has always been Wheeler Dealers which now airs on the Velocity Network. The show features Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead who find and flip used classic cars. Mike is the experienced car dealer who finds the rough gems while Ant is in charge of servicing and fixing them up for resale.

The two hosts hail from England and their calm demeanor and British accents are a nice change from the typical auto restoration/build shows that show tattooed cast members yelling at each other or creating high drama and artificial deadlines when there is no need for it.

This week the two Wheeler Dealers go to work on a black C5 Corvette Z06. The online segment is only 7 minutes long, but you’ll see Ant take you through the steps of fixing a loose driver’s seat and then Mike drops off the car for a wash and detail.

You can check out Wheeler Dealers on the Velocity Channel or see more of their work on the Wheeler Dealers YouTube channel.

Wheeler Dealers / YouTube

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  1. I quit watching this show after Edd China left/got fired? I tried to but it’s just not the same and the new guy is goofy. I could care less what they work on.

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