Minnesota Man Builds a Speed Racer Mach 5 Replica from a Corvette


Minnesota Man Builds a Speed Racer Mach 5 Replica from a Corvette

Photo Credit: Kyle Aune / WDIO

It doesn’t look like a Corvette anymore, at least not from the street.

But an old Corvette minus its original body that was being offered on eBay four years ago lives on in the form of a new creation, a Mach 5 – you know, the car from the 1960s anime TV show “Speed Racer.”

Barry Sinex’s dream – four years in the making – made its public display last month at Motorhead Madness show in Duluth, Minnesota. Sinex saw a toy replica of the Mach 5 at Walmart eight years ago and began to think about how great it would be if he had a life-size version. Four years later, he found the body-less Corvette, and his dream was suddenly on its way to being fulfilled.

“It’s got a beautiful shape to it,” Sinex says of the final product. “The hood comes up and down.”

An aircraft mechanic by trade, Sinex used those skills to build the frame by hand with carbon fiber and honeycomb, then took the car to Fargo to be painted.

Despite the exterior changes, a quick look under the hood would reveal a powerplant familiar to a Corvette enthusiast.

“It’s just a regular engine,” Sinex says. “I haven’t modified that at all.”

“It’s a tagged Corvette, so it’s legal,” Sinex says. “And I’m going to have fun when the first cop stops me and says, ‘What the heck is that?’ ‘Well, sir, it’s a Corvette. Here’s the insurance, and here’s the registration,’ ” Sinex laughed.

Sinex doesn’t plan to make any money off his unusual car but says if he does happen to do so, he’ll find a nonprofit to help out.


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