[ACCIDENT] Driving Fast on Wet Roads Sends a C6 Corvette Into a Ditch


[ACCIDENT] Driving Fast on Wet Roads Sends a C6 Corvette Into a Ditch

Photo Credit: yaktrinews.com

A stereotypical gloomy day in the Northwest could have contributed to a Thursday morning wreck that totaled a black C6 Corvette Coupe.

Troopers told yaktrinews.com that by 1:30 that day, they had already investigated six crashes, mostly due to wet, rainy conditions.

In the case of the Corvette, Gene Bumgarner, 66, apparently lost control of the vehicle as he headed east on Highway 240 in Richland, Washington about 7:45 a.m.

His overcorrection caused the Corvette to leave the road and wind up in a ditch, with the car suffering what appeared to be major damage to the front end in particular. The hood and front fenders appear to have twisted, and the airbags were both deployed.

Bumgarner suffered chest injuries and was treated at Kadlec Regional Medical Center.

He has been charged with negligent driving by troopers, who said he was driving too fast for road conditions.


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  1. The usual easy ticket for the gendarmes – too fast for conditions always works. Did the other 5 or 6 drivers get the same ticket, or just this poor guy?

  2. C6s suck in the rain….and I mean bad. I’ve spun out in the rain at 65/70 on the highway with no electronic controls coming on.

    Speaking of the rain, I could get an addrenaline rush in a C4 with new Good Year GSCs with how well the car handled in the rain. I could stop on a dime in very bad rain conditions. I felt very very confident driving through a major rain storm in my C4 I once had. When the z06s handling is talked about I’m reminded of the my C4. Straight addrenaline rush! The reason is because of the much lower center of gravity as well has the lower height of the car. You sit lower in a C4 and it has a major difference vs C5/C6s. C4s were 3 inches lower plus you sat lower in the car.

    I don’t believe this accident would of happened in a C4 and new good years.

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