[ACCIDENT] Data Shows Driver of Corvette Z06 Doing 125 MPH Before Slamming into a Tree


[ACCIDENT] Data Shows Driver of Corvette Z06 Doing 125 MPH Before Slamming into a Tree

Photo Credit: Hunter Dyke / mlive.com

Just seconds before he crashed in a curve in May, the driver of a yellow C7 Corvette Z06 was doing 125 miles per hour, authorities say.

Knowing that, and seeing the mangled wreckage of the vehicle after it hit a tree, it’s amazing that 21-year-old driver Jiefu Gong of Ypsilanti, Michigan and his 17-year-old female passenger survived, with only broken bones!

The Ann Arbor News obtained the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office report through a Freedom of Information Act – a report that shows the Corvette was going 125 mph five seconds before the crash and had slowed to 93 mph a half-second before impact, according to the vehicle’s data recorder. The report says that investigators with the sheriff’s office confirmed the recorder’s accuracy.

The posted speed limit on the road was just 35 mph.

The report says Gong told police that he was only doing 45 to 50 mph when something ran in front of his Corvette, causing him to cross the center line and strike a tree.

During an interview in the hospital, Gong said he was just going for a drive and couldn’t remember anything about the crash, according to the police report, which also says that the passenger told them she was “a little scared” because of the speed of the Corvette but doesn’t know how fast he was going because she was looking at her phone.

Gong is facing one count of reckless driving causing serious impairment of bodily function and is slated to appear in Washtenaw County 14A-1 District Court again on Sept. 19 for a preliminary examination.

After losing control of the Z06 and striking a tree, Gong had to be extricated from the vehicle by Scio Township firefighters, along with his passenger who suffered two broken femurs, a lower leg fracture, a broken orbital bone, and a broken nose, the report says.

The report also includes a reference to a YouTube video posted 10 months before the crash that shows what they believe to be Gong driving the Corvette at speeds up to 100 mph on the same heavily wooded road, Huron River Drive, just west of Ann Arbor.


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  1. Never heard of HPDE or anything wimpy like that to learn how to drive the beast safely?? Lucky to survive…he might even get to become a contestant on The Gong Show… 😉

  2. Moron kid almost killed himself and his female passenger by being a jerk and than lying to the police. I hope they put him in jail to teach him a lesson.

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