[STOLEN] C7 Corvette Stolen from Florida Dealership is Recovered


[STOLEN] C7 Corvette Stolen from Florida Dealership is Recovered

If you’re going to test drive a new C7 Corvette, you need to bring it back and either buy it or move on.

A Florida man apparently forgot that simple lesson.

Police have arrested a Molino, Fla., man and charged him with vehicle theft, kidnapping/false imprisonment, resisting an officer, fleeing or eluding police, and distribution of methamphetamine.

The multiple charges stem from an incident on Friday when Thomas Carey Boswell, 52, allegedly took the black Stingray coupe out for a test drive from a Sandy Sansing dealership in Pensacola.

Here again, the high-tech nature of the Corvette led to its safe return when OnStar was able to track the car down to Cantonment, Fla. , after it was not brought back to the dealership in a timely manner. The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office pulled Boswell over on Tate School Road and took him into custody.

The kidnapping/false imprisonment charge apparently was added because Boswell allegedly would not allow a female passenger in the car to exit during his trip north.

The bond for Boswell, who was booked into the Escambia County Jail, was set at $31,000.


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