[STOLEN] Cops Track Down Stupid Criminal Who Stole a C7 Corvette From Dealership


[STOLEN] Cops Track Down Stupid Criminal Who Stole a C7 Corvette From Dealership

Photo Credit: Ron Lee / WBTV

Note to thieves: Stealing a C7 Corvette isn’t easy.

Just ask the man who tried to drive off in a new $71,000 Watkins Glen Gray Corvette coupe in Charlotte, N.C., on Monday afternoon.

The odds were stacked against Domanique Mobley, 28, from the very beginning.

Mobley had to show his ID to a salesman at Park Chevrolet on North Tryon Street before he even got the keys, so when Mobley jumped in the Corvette and drove off, the dealership already knew his name.

Problem No. 2 for Mobley: The dealership called police, and the Corvette was able to be tracked using the high-tech OnStar. That allowed them to find out exactly where the stolen Chevy was, and police soon found it at the Columbus Circle Grocery convenience store on Berryhill Drive in west Charlotte.

Mobley apparently wasn’t up on all that new technology, so when officers arrived, he decided to flee the scene on foot, ironically being nabbed on Freedom Drive after a short chase on foot.

Mobley now faces charges of motor vehicle theft, possession of a stolen vehicle, and resisting arrest.

Maybe next time he should just get a Corvette the old-fashioned, honest way: by saving up his money for a down payment and financing the rest if necessary. That way, he could enjoy driving America’s best sports car a lot longer.


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