Help This Family Find Their Late Brother’s Long Lost 1966 Custom Corvette


Help this Family Find their Late Brother's Long Lost 1966 Custom Corvette

Robert J. Geiger owned a unique 1966 Corvette convertible from 1973 to 1975.

It was the car that prompted his brother, Peter Geiger, to fall in love with Corvettes. That Sting Ray still holds many fond memories for Peter, especially since his brother’s tragic passing 30 years ago.

Now Peter – with the help of the National Corvette Museum – is hoping that someone out there can help him bring that special Corvette back into the Geiger family again.

“The ’66 is so special to me because I cleaned it and fell in love with Corvettes at that point,” Peter points out. “So it’s like my first car and a part of him.”

While the family has just one photo of the Corvette, showing Robert behind the wheel, it’s likely that whoever subsequently owned it will definitely remember it, thanks to its unusual mods.

“(Robert) had a 1966 convertible with a lot of modifications on the body,” Peter said. “The back was customized with a tail that came up and the rear lights were flat rectangles. The wheel wells were flared and the hood also had a custom scoop. The paint was brown with pearl flip-flop over the entire car. Very ugly – looked like eight different colors at once.”

The car was last known to be registered in New York, but Peter doesn’t know the VIN. He’ll just have to rely on someone else’s memory.

“It’s so important to my family because today everybody wants what they had,” Peter says. “Look at American Pickers or Ray (Evernham)’s Show, AmeriCARna – we want to go back in time.”

If you can help Peter and his family, contact him at [email protected].

National Corvette Museum

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