[VIDEO] Callaway’s SC606 Corvette Grand Sport Surpasses 250,000 Miles


[VIDEO] Callaway's SC606 Corvette Grand Sport Surpasses 250,000 Miles

Our friends at Callaway Cars are pretty stoked after their long term demo Corvette, the 2010 Callaway SC606 Grand Sport, just went past 250,000 miles.

Callaway’s National Sales Director Chris Chessnoe was heading north from the Tampa Bay area on his way to Atlanta Wednesday evening when the milestone approached. With little traffic on the road, he fired up Facebook Live so we could all watch as the car turned the magical 250,000!

The 250,000 mile turn on the odometer is a great testament to both the durability of the Corvette as well as the engineering from Callaway. This Callaway SC606 has crossed the country multiple times and has attended almost every major Corvette show in the last seven years.

[VIDEO] Callaway's SC606 Corvette Grand Sport Surpasses 250,000 Miles

Callaway was among the first to get one of the new 2010 Corvette Grand Sport models when it came off the line in July 2009. The car was shipped to Callaway’s facility in Old Lyme, CT where it was fitted with the SC606 package which included an Eaton TVS2300 supercharger, high-flow injectors, Callaway’s Honker air intake and the “Double D” stainless exhaust system.

Following the mileage on this Callaway SC606 has become its own topic of conversation and Chris tells us he is asked about it all they time. Of course, that’s the point as the idea behind Crystal Red Grand Sport was to perform a long-term durability test.

[VIDEO] Callaway's SC606 Corvette Grand Sport Surpasses 250,000 Miles

This car has surpassed many of the mileage milestones that many Corvettes never see. Chris hit 100,000 miles in the car while performing a burnount at the 2011 Corvettes at Carlisle Show and the 200,000 mile mark came a couple years later while doing hotlaps at the NCM Motorsports Park.

And now you can watch the car cross 250,000 miles through the magic of Facebook Live:

To find out how Callaway can build your dream Corvette, check them out on the web at www.callawaycars.com.

Callaway Cars / Facebook.

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