GM to Shut Down the Corvette Assembly Plant For One Week as Sales Slow


GM to Shut Down Corvette Assembly Plant For One Week as Sales Slow

General Motors announced this afternoon that it will idle five of its assembly plants in January due to large inventories of passenger vehicles on the ground. According to an Automotive News report, the Bowling Green Assembly Plant, home of the Corvette, is one of the factories that will be closed.

The report said the closures will begin next month and that the Corvette plant is expected to be shut down for one week while some of the other plants could be closed for two to three weeks.

The closures will hit plants in Michigan, Ohio, Kansas and Kentucky. The vehicles involved include Chevrolet’s Impala, Camaro, Malibu, Cruise and Volt. The Buick Lacrosse and the Cadillac CT6 sedans were also named in the report.

Automotive News said that GM’s inventories have been creeping up from the targeted 70 days worth of inventory up to a 90 supply of vehicles. To help combat rising inventories, Chevrolet has been offering new rebates and other incentives for the new 2017 Corvettes including the brand new Grand Sport model.

We asked Corvette seller Mike Furman about the planned shut down and he tells us that “this is business as usual for General Motors” when it sees it has too much inventory on hand. He added that “it’s not much to get concerned about.” Mike says that based on his Target Production Week reports, the shut down may happen the week of January 15th.

Stay tuned as we work to get more information about the Corvette Assembly Plant’s closure next month.

Automotive News

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