Chevrolet Offers New Expedited Corvette Factory Buyers Tour with Engine Build Experience


Chevrolet Offers New Expedieted Corvette Factory Buyers Tour with Engine Build Experience

Photo Credit: National Corvette Museum

For the past few years, Chevrolet has offered Corvette Z06 buyers the opportunity to build their own LT4 engines with one of the experienced engine builders inside the Corvette Assembly Plant’s Performance Build Center. Some owners also choose to return in a week or two to then witness the full assembly of their cars and even have the opportunity to be the first to start it up at the end of the assembly line.

But after hearing from buyers who wanted to do both but just couldn’t make the multiple trips to Bowling Green, Kentucky, Chevrolet is now offering a new option that will make it easier for Corvette buyers to schedule the Engine Build Experience with their Buyers Tour of the Bowling Green Assembly Plant.

This new Regular Production Option (RPO) is called PD5 – Buyers Tour with Engine Build Experience.

This RPO will “compress” the popular Buyers Tour with the Engine Build Experience into the same week, and usually within 1-2 days apart from each other. That allows customers the opportunity to build their own LT4 engines and then stick around to watch the assembly of their cars in the same week.

The PD5 Option includes:

  • The Corvette Z06 LT4 Engine Build Program
  • Tour of the Bowling Green Assembly Plant following your car along its assembly
  • Watch your engine installed in your new Corvette Z06 in the same week as your engine build (usually 1-2 days later)
  • Includes Photo Build Book of your Corvette’s assembly
  • Includes dinner with Bowling Green Assembly executive

The cost for the new PD5 option is $7,500 which breaks down to $2,500 for the Buyers Tour and $5,000 for the Engine Build Experience.

We turned to Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles as to why Corvette buyers would want to select the PD5 option.

“We heard from many of the Engine Build participants that they also wanted to watch the engine they built go into their car. Previously it was logistically very difficult, but through hard work and planning by the Corvette factory, we are now able to schedule the build just a day or two in front of the assembly.

In cooperation with the National Corvette Museum’s buyers tour program, we are now able to offer this ultimate combined experience which is unique in the industry.”

Chevrolet Offers New Expedited Corvette Factory Buyers Tour with Engine Build Experience

Photo Credit: National Corvette Museum

Katie Frassinelli of the National Corvette Museum tells us that the real value of the program is the convenience of planning just the one trip to the NCM for the Engine Build/Buyers Tour:

The PD5 comes with a photo album which is $700 value, and the Buyer’s Tour has a $800 value… or we offer the buyers and photo combo at a discount of $1,300. So you’re basically paying $1,200 to GM to tighten the timeline. If you think about it, though, by the time you pay for airfare, ground transportation like parking / rental car, maybe extra hotel and food, time away from work… and the hassle of travel… the $1,200 can be worth the convenience, especially for people traveling from further away like the Bottis’ couple from California.

We’ve talked with several Corvette owners who did the Engine Build Experience and most have called it one of the best days of their lives. Now, you can see your hard work come to fruition as you watch the engine you built go into your new Corvette!

Click here to read more about the Corvette delivery programs available through the National Corvette Museum, or talk to your Corvette sales professional at your dealership.

National Corvette Museum

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