Why I’ve Added the BuyPower Card from Capital One to My Wallet


Why I've Added the BuyPower Card from Capital One to My Wallet

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During a recent visit to Las Vegas as part of an exclusive experience with Capital One and General Motors, I had the opportunity to get to know some of the BuyPower Card from Capital One cardmembers.

Select cardmembers were treated to a culinary experience on the Las Vegas Strip before heading out to Spring Mountain for two days of driving instruction in Corvette Stingrays at the Ron Fellows High Performance Driving School.

Following an active morning session on the skid pad where participants hone their braking and accident avoidance skills, we headed over to the Club House for lunch. While seated around one of the circular tables in the Club House, I asked them about the use of their rewards credit card and experience in purchasing new GM vehicles with their Earnings.

Aaron L. from Plainview, Texas told me he has had a GM rewards card for around 20 years, including the newest BuyPower Card from Capital One, now and his primary use of the card comes from personal expenses. Over the years, Aaron has been able to redeem his Earnings on a number of GM vehicles including a couple of Chevrolet Tahoe sport utility vehicles and most recently a Cadillac CTS-V for his wife. Aaron tells us one of the best features of the card is how easy it is to redeem the Earnings at the dealership:

“The dealer just basically calls [program headquarters] and confirms [your Earnings balance]. In a short time they had confirmation that the dollar value was there [and they immediately put it towards my purchase]. It was super simple to use it.”

Aaron’s entire family are GM car enthusiasts. His son recently purchased a low mile 1994 Corvette ZR-1 during an outing to a collector car auction, and Aaron has noticed similar features in the current Corvette Stingray that are in his wife’s Cadillac CTS-V. The exercises that Spring Mountain’s driving instructors put Aaron through in the Corvette Stingray showed him just how awesome of a car it is – and he has decided that the Stingray is the next vehicle he would like to redeem his Earnings toward.

Why I've Added the BuyPower Card from Capital One to My Wallet

James C. from Union City, Tennessee has had a GM rewards card for around 15 years, including the newest BuyPower Card from Capital One. James uses the card regularly, and has purchased 15+ trucks with the help of Earnings generated by using GM rewards cards for every day expenses. His most recent Earnings redemption was on a GMC Yukon XL sport utility vehicle.

James likes the fact that he can login to the BuyPower Card website (BuyPowerCard.com) to track and manage his expenses and keep tabs on his Earnings.

“One of the features I like is how easy it is to manage your account (on the website). The points (Earnings) are always up-to-date, and you get to see the special deals that GM offers to its members.”

We also asked James about his experience with driving the Corvette Stingray at Spring Mountain and if there is a chance a Corvette might be at the top of his list the next time he redeems his Earnings. James mentioned that he is a very, very tall man, and said that with his height and lack of leg room, it’s probably not in the cards.

These two cardmembers and their testimonials showed me how easy it was to generate Earnings for your next GM vehicle just by using the card as part of your everyday life.

Why I've Added the BuyPower Card from Capital One to My Wallet

I mentioned in our previous BuyPower Card from Capital One story that I was initially a skeptic of the program, mostly since I’ve always used an airline rewards cards for my business and never really gave the BuyPower Card a proper look.

What I’ve come to find is a great loyalty program that helps you save toward your next GM vehicle with every purchase. Here’s a recap of the program highlights:

  1. Earn 5% on first $5,000 and then 2% unlimited for the rest of the year. Resets each year.
  2. No limits to the amount of Earnings, and your Earnings don’t expire.
  3. Earnings are redeemed at any GM dealership.
  4. Earnings can be combined with most rebates and special offers at your local GM dealership.

While I love my classic 1966 Corvette, I’ve always wanted to own a new Corvette, ordered my way. But I also know that I’m still a few years away from that (glorious) moment.

It’s then that I realized that if I really want a new Corvette down the road, I need to change my spending habits. Not by spending less, but being smarter about how I’m spending.

The BuyPower Card helps with my savings plan, allowing me to leverage everyday expenses to generate Earnings towards a new Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac vehicle. And because the Earnings don’t expire, they will be there when that moment arrives.


Meeting the cardmembers and hearing their stories of purchasing GM vehicles with their Earnings first-hand was inspirational and the card rewards made me a believer, so I visited www.buypowercard.com and applied. Now, I am a proud BuyPower cardmember looking forward to saving up toward my brand new Corvette.

And now that we’ve told you everything about the BuyPower Card, I want to know:

Do you have a dream Corvette you’re saving up for? If so, tell me the model and what your plan to save will be in the comments.