[ACCIDENT] Maryland Corvette Driver Killed after Fatal Crash Flips a Garbage Truck


[ACCIDENT] Maryland Corvette Driver Killed after Fatal Crash Flips a Garbage Truck

Photo Credit: thebaynet.com

The 27-year-old driver of a 2007 Corvette coupe lost his life early Thursday morning in Calvert County, Maryland, with high speed and possible alcohol playing a role in the crash, according to law enforcement officials.

The only thing still recognizable as a Corvette was the rear-third of the car behind the seats. Everything else was badly damaged by the impact when the Corvette, apparently traveling at an extremely high rate of speed, according to reports, struck the right rear tandem axle of a 2001 Mack Waste Management trash truck about 1:29 a.m. on Aug. 4.

The truck was making a left turn onto German Chapel Road from Maryland Route 4 when it was hit by the Corvette, with the impact being so violent that the truck turned over onto its side.

Justin Allen Ruth of Lusby, Maryland was pronounced dead at the scene from major trauma, while the trash truck driver – 57-year-old Dennis Sierra of Naples, Maryland – was carried to Calvert Memorial Hospital for treatment of his injuries.

[ACCIDENT] Maryland Corvette Driver Killed after Fatal Crash Flips a Garbage Truck

Photo Credit: thebaynet.com

The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Bureau and Crash Reconstruction Team is investigating the crash, and early indications are that speed and possible alcohol impairment may have contributed to the crash. They are asking any witnesses to contact Sgt. V. Bortchevsky of CRT at 410-535-2800, extension 2540 or by e-mail: [email protected].

Since a commercial motor vehicle was involved in the crash, heavy recovery efforts took most of the night to remove the Mack truck from the road. Waste Management officials came to the scene and cooperated with CRT investigators.


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  1. Re: JE’s comment. You are an ignorant person. You obviously did not know this man. Foolish yes, but he didn’t derserve to die. A trash truck crossed into his right of way. It’s a very rural area. He worked hard every day and he was an amazing father, friend and person. If you took half the time to read the article as you did posting your rude comment you would see it says possible alcohol. You should have waited to see the final report b4 saying what you did. I hope you or one of your loved ones never suffer the same fate!

  2. Obviously you must have an IQ of about room temperature. If YOU bother to read my post I said IF alcohol and speed were a factor. But a dumbass like you can’t read!

    I absolutely stand by my statement, I don’t care how young or old or how many kids he has.

  3. Re: JE, I see you judge people often. You must be a saint. Keep in mind that one day someone will judge you! Instead of being a miserable, ignorant, self righteous individual try to find some compassion in your cold heart & remember no one is perfect, not even you! Let’s just pray that a careless mistake doesn’t cost you your life.

  4. Thank you D.D for defending my cousin. HE WAS NOT DRUNK. And you’re right Mr. Saint is perfect, if or not, FUCK YOU DUDE

  5. Re: Nikki, you are very welcome. Justin was my son’s best friend and I loved him like he was mine. Children and mothers could only hope and pray to have a father half as dedicated as he was. Words can’t explain the heartache that we feel. People are so quick to judge and never look at themselves. He was just a kid trying to have a little fun. It’s not right to judge people such as this fool above did. Justin was the kind of person who would have turned the other cheek and said don’t worry about him, he’s just an ass. If the rolls were reversed, justin would have tried to save his life and then felt guilty that he wasn’t able to. People need to realize that one day someone’s loved ones will read these comments and they can be hurtful. I don’t know of a single person has the right to pass judgement on another.

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